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    Gold and Silver Network Marketing vs. Gold MLM

    I have recently learned the difference between Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing. The differences were made clear when I joined the Bullionaire's Club and started my business.

    While it may look like a MLM program, it is not MLM. It is not a Matrix. It is the building of a Direct Sales Network. The differences are phenomenal

    1. With the "MLM" gold programs your first level (personal) sales go to your sponsor and you don't get paid until, or your "downline", have filled your second level.

    Members of The Bullionaire's Club, are paid a full commission for each and every personal sale.

    2. With the "MLM" gold programs you have to complete a full unit (6 to 12 sales) to complete your agreement.

    Members of The Bullionaire's Club, complete their agreement with just 4 personal sales.

    3. With the "MLM" gold programs you must either depend on the sales made by your first level, or do it all yourself.

    Members of The Bullionaire's Club, four personal sales complete their agreement. As an incentive, they receive additional cash bonuses,(overrides), when any of their personal clients make a sale.

    4. With the "MLM" gold programs an agreement may only sponsor a "like" agreement.

    Members of The Bullionaire's Club, any agreement may sponsor any other agreement, regardless of size or type. This gives enormous flexibility to the program and provides extra earning power.

    5. With the "MLM" gold programs you build a "forced matrix downline" that only pays every second "level".

    Members of The Bullionaire's Club, do not build a "downline". They build a Direct Sales Network consisting of just 4 people, each of whom does the same. Although members are not compensated for sales made below their second "generation" the organization that develops beneath them will actually "push" them through the program as it grows. Each new generation will advance them to a higher agreement, thus doubling their income, and giving them the potential to begin on-going, multiple completions of high-level agreements. The income potential is stupendous. Moreover, everyone in their organization has the same opportunity. "What's true for you is true for them"

    As you learn more about this program, you will become excited. This program excites people. It eliminates the problems experienced with other gold programs. Direct Sales Networking is far superior to MLM. This is a fresh start in a new direction. It's easy to explain and easy to understand. It's a terrific money maker for those who work it. It's a more profitable version of the age old formula of exchanging your time and effort for money.

    If you are a builder, this program can be an especially good money maker for you. Those who build large groups may be promoted to the position of Field Director. A Field Director is responsible for training and motivation of his group. For compensation, the Field Director receives a cash bonus for ,every gold purchase agreement completed within his/her organization, no matter how deep it goes. $5 for each completed "A" ...$10 for each completed "B"...$20 for each completed "C" ... $40 for each completed "D"...$80 for each completed "E" ... $160 for each completed "F" ... $230 for each completed "G" ... and $640 for each completed "H". People are rewarded for the work they do.

    This Direct Sales Network program provides everyone the opportunity to acquire valuable Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion Coins...and any quantity they desire. This is accomplished through an earning process...rather than small, helter-skelter purchases if or when their budget might allow.

    You can enjoy superlative income...increase your net worth...become self-reliant...and build a "nest egg" that can never be harmed by inflation or recession. Opportunities like this are rare. Don't miss this ticket to financial independence. JOIN NOW! P.S. Here is another reason especially for people in the US to start this business NOW. Here is what WARREN BUFFET the richest man in the US said about our economy- Buffett: Economy in a recession, will be worse than feared -
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