Hello Teammates,

Below is a full description of the new Plan. They have not launched the New $10 Step Program yet, but it would be to your advantage to prepare now for launch.
My advice is to join me now:

Once you have joined you will have several options, I have listed these options below.
Because of the Referral Bonus structure I would advise that you sign-up as many people as you can think of, because everybody you sign-up will eventually be benefactored in and it won't cost you a dime and you could make a lot of money on them eventually. So sign-up your kids,wife, Aunts,Uncles and Friends.

They are looking for at least 10,000 Members at launch.
Don't worry if you don't understand everything right now but this will give you a good idea of the money that you can make.

Mobius Loop should be launching in 2-3 weeks with their new 9 step $10 entry program!
The potential here for each $10 position is $29,225!

I was originally going to go with just a few $10 entries but after listening to the webinar last night I decided to buy a $50 Wheel position so I will be considered an existing member. Here is why.

When the new $10 Steps start, existing members will be allowed a short window to enter first! Since they anticipate over 10,000 new people joining the $10 level.

If existing members are allowed to join prior to those people then that is a very advantageous position to be in!
So, if you are interested in doing that you can just log into your website and click on purchase and then click on wheels/loops and you can choose either the $50 wheel or the $125 loop.

You will then be considered an existing member and will have full privileges to your back office! When you finish purchasing the $50 Wheel position you will go back and click I want to be a Distributor button, this will enable you to become an official distributor and founding member.

Here are your options after you have joined.
1. You can purchase a $50 Wheel position now, this will ensure you as a founder therefore you will have 24 hour advance opportunity to purchase the $10 positions when launched, this will place you at the top of their matrix.

Here are the steps to join the Mobius Loop at the $50 level:Click the JOIN NOW page and fill out all required information

Click activation link in activation email

Log in

Agree to the Terms and Conditions and purchase the product

After successful purchase, STP will take you back to The Mobius Loop site

You may or may not be logged in still. If not, LOG IN

Click checkbox accepting the Distributor agreement
Now you are a Distributor and are placed in the matrix

2. You can wait till launch to purchase your $10 position

3. You can choose to not make any purchases, in this case you will be benefactored by either me or someone else you do not know after launch. With this option once you are benefactored you will move through the 9 Steps like anyone else.

4. With all these options you will also pick-up referrals as you benefactor people as you move through the steps.
When we launch the $10 program then I will additionally be taking several positions at that level.

It is estimated that the 9 level $10 program will start in 2-3 weeks. Here is how this breaks down per level:

Step 1-$10 entry - earn $10

Step 2- $30 entry - earn $10

Step 3- $100 entry - earn $110

Step 4- $200 entry - earn $280

Step 5- $400 entry - earn $590

Step 6- $800 entry - earn $705

Step 7- $1600 entry - earn $2570

Step 8- $3200 entry - earn $5140

Step 9- $6400 entry - earn $19,850

Total Payout.... $29,225

This doesn't even consider the amount of money you will be earning from the Automatic Purchase of the Loops and Wheels as you move through the Steps and your Referral Bonuses.

During this process you are required to PIF (Benefactor) to a designated number of people at each entry. By the time you finish your 9 steps you will have PIF to 132 new people. This is what will keep this program sustainable! Plus, when you PIF to these people (from the company list) you become their sponsor so you are the one to earn the referral bonuses on these individuals. You will earn $620 on each Referral once they have gone through all 9 Steps plus you will earn an additional $300 2nd level bonuses.

There are also many other things you will earn as you move through these 9 steps. You are placed onto the different loops and wheels with NO additional out of pocket money. Plus, you are constantly being re-entered on Step 1 so your earnings will continue over and over again.
This is an absolutely brilliant concept!