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Top Matrix is an exciting new program from Toppaidtopromote. Toppaidtopromote has been online since March 2009 and made thousands of payments. Our forum is full of payment proofs. We are VERY legit!

Today is the offical launch of a brand new program - Top Matrix.

Why are we better?

How it works

It is simple, once you join (for just $0.73) you will earn 10 cents for each person that you refer to the program.
You will also earn 5-14 cents for each person placed in your downline, and 5-14 cents for members in your downline's downline etc. 10 levels deep!

What makes our program special is you will STILL EARN even if you never refer a single person to the program!
This is because referrals are randomly placed. When a new member joins a site his/her referer is paid 10 cents (as a 'finders fee') - but then the new member is placed in ANYONE's downline (maybe YOURS!) and their new upline all earn 5-14 cents!

You will earn more than $200 per cycle and can cycle an unlimited number of times!

Why should you join?

1- It costs only 73 cents and you can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars

2- You do not need to recuit to earn

3- When you join you will receive LIFETIME BANNER AND TEXT AD ADVERTISING and bonuses worth thousands of dollars, (not e-books I mean real bonuses!)

Check it out :