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This is a new advertising and profit sharing program If theres one thing everyone needs, its advertising for your programs. All you have to do is register, buy ad packs, and advertise your link. You should also

Promote Your Program and get Massive Exposure
Ad2Cash offers members a unique new advertising solution, for you to get massive traffic and exposure to your site or an affiliate program which you are a part of. Ad2Cash offers site wide banner advertising as part of our advertising tool. Each members banner will be shown to other members and site visitors. All you have to do is Join, purchase Ad Credits, and Use the Advertise page to activate your banner or text ads. Your ads will be activated instantly and you will start getting hits to your links. Your banner images is hosted from a remote source, which means you can change your banner source if you want to.

Promote Your affiliate link and earn from Referrals
Ad2Cash also pays you a whopping 25% for each member who joins Ad2Cash and activates their account. Our affiliate system is a 2 level referral structure that pays 12.5% for each level. On top of that, for every member who join Ad2Cash through your referral link, you will get 10 Extra ad credits to ALL your live Advertisements. The member need not even activate their account for this to take place. This means we also offer a 1:10 Ad-surfing offer.

Promote And Earn From Profit Sharing.
In Ad2Cash, we are not greedy...therefore we offer up to 95% payout. All our surplus profit funds will be automatically distributed to members, the more members join. Our profit sharing plan also allows members to benefit from new members. This means that you need do not need to actively refer new members in order to start earning. We have a very low withdrawal limit, and with it, you can withdraw your earnings any day of the week.

only 10$ per position. This is going to be huge.

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