Best rate for buying e-gold within minutes in Malaysia

SnapGold has been serving hundreds of customers 24 hours daily since Jan 2006. We specialize in fast & convenient e-gold exchanges at no commission fee, without the hassle of confusing instructions/verification procedures.

To buy e-gold:
1. Chat with our live exchanger or fill in order form
2. Follow instructions to transfer money from your bank account into ours
3. Receive e-gold in your e-gold account within minutes

No % commission fee for e-gold exchanges. All transactions are based on the foreign currency exchange rates (RM/USD) published on our homepage.
For example, if the exchange rate is RM3.80, simply pay RM3.80 for US$1 worth of e-gold.

Payment Modes:

Fund Transfer via Maybank Malaysia

Latest News:
To celebrate SnapGold's 6 month anniversary and the launch of our new operation in Malaysia, we are currently offering the best rates for buying e-gold in Malaysia. Please visit our SnapGold Malaysia ( homepage for more information.