Round-the-clock service of input/output of Webmoney - reports about beginning works with the pay systems of Western Union, Moneygram and Anelik.

Now you will be able to fill up and get cash Webmoney without scoring first in maximally rapid terms!

A minimum sum with which works our service at an input/output through the pay systems makes 5000 roubles or equivalent.

As support of our service quality and of good business character appear such facts as:

certificate of recorder -,
more than 50 positive reviews on WMID,
are we included in 10 largest exchange points of Webmoney on the turn (on the version of catalogue of Megastok) of

Contacts for connection:
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icq 100353100
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icq 112212222
+7 (846) 2738486 Office
+7 (927) 7422821 Alexander
+7 (927) 2604484 Andrey
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