Hello All,
If any of you are partners in Stormpay, could you please either post here or pm me in relation to the following:
When Stormpay started back in late 2002, they offered partnership shares to members. They sold quickly. I have a share and have been able to follow the progress of the partnership dividends on a daily basis through the "Partners" link in my member's area. That is until the beginning of this month. That link has disappeared from my member's area. I submitted a ticket asking about it and have not gotten a response as of yet. Since I had not gotten a response, I posted in the Stormpay forum asking if any other partners were experiencing the same thing. Now the link to the forum has disappeared from my member's area (it is listed in the left hand column of your member's area as "Discussion Board"). Is any body else, that is a partner, experiencing any of these same problems? If so, could you please reply or pm me. If there are partners here that can still see the "Partners" link, I would also like to hear from you.
Your help will be much appreciated.