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    Arrow I have AlertPay, looking for OboPay, PayPal>> screwed!

    canceled... just got screwed out of $100 by JamesBond_008 aka [email protected]

    George Sakis: hello
    George Sakis: from roi list, right?
    gdf fda: yeah
    gdf fda: still got the alertpay av?
    George Sakis: I've got a lot of it, lol
    gdf fda: how much.
    George Sakis: I've got 1700, but Idon't need totrade that much
    George Sakis: and I'm new so I'm not real sure what I'm doing...
    gdf fda: LOL
    gdf fda: i'll trade 250 alertpay for 280 paypal
    George Sakis: and scared out of my wits
    George Sakis: how do we do it?
    George Sakis: as I said, I'm new... small increments?
    George Sakis: hello?
    gdf fda: we do this in batches of 100. First, send me the first 100 to [email protected], then i will send you 120 paypal. we'll do this so on and so forth.
    George Sakis: how long til I get the paypal?
    gdf fda: instantly.
    George Sakis: some guys say there's a hold, is why I asked
    gdf fda: nah, no hold
    gdf fda: so ya sending now?
    George Sakis: sorry, I've got another guy talking to me trying to get a large amount, and he's scarig the crap out of me
    gdf fda: what's his nick?
    George Sakis: supertrade3232
    gdf fda: ahh him
    George Sakis: he wnats the whole 1700 but he won't do small anounts
    gdf fda: he's the major exchangers on the forums
    George Sakis: this is all the money I've got at the moment, it's been tied up in e-gold for a while and I finally got it out through AP, but they're taking forever to get any to my bank
    George Sakis: he's for real?
    gdf fda: i've traded a couple of hundreds with him before, no issues
    gdf fda: he probably does the same to every one
    gdf fda: scares the shit out of you
    gdf fda: but he's cool
    gdf fda: is his nick "supertrade3232" the same person we're talking about?
    George Sakis: I'm just scared to let go of that much at once
    George Sakis: yes
    gdf fda: he did the same for me the first time i traded
    George Sakis: on yahoo and on goldage, he showed me goldage
    George Sakis: I ahdn'theard of it
    gdf fda: goldage is a much bigger and better forum than rolclub
    gdf fda: he refused to let me do small increment
    George Sakis: so I'm learning
    gdf fda: i thought he was gonna be a scammer ,
    gdf fda: but i thought what the heck, i've got the money to lose
    gdf fda: ended up he had excess funds, and he needs whatever we trade
    gdf fda: that was why
    George Sakis: can I ask what country you're in?
    gdf fda: am from Singapore, he's my local exchanger
    George Sakis: he says he isn't sure, if he rememebrs you
    gdf fda: i'm a small timer, he isn't
    gdf fda: so you still want to change the 250?
    gdf fda: or have you done a trade with supertrade already?
    George Sakis: no, I'm too scared
    George Sakis: lol
    gdf fda: lol
    gdf fda: we can start with small increments if you like
    George Sakis: I'm out of my league here
    George Sakis: I didn't ever want to get into this,
    George Sakis: but alertpay is taking forever to get it transferred to my bank
    George Sakis: so I found the roi list and thought I might be able to trade some and get some grocery money
    George Sakis: but I'm so scared I don't know what to do
    gdf fda: in an exchange, always trust the larger guys i suppose
    gdf fda: not too sure
    George Sakis: I don't know anyone
    George Sakis: I'veonly been o the roi list for three days
    George Sakis: he told me I should worry about small trades because the paypal might be stolen and charged back after I get it
    George Sakis: I have no roblem with being first to send, I just need to know I'm not gonna get bit, you know?
    gdf fda: lotsa scammers out in the open market if you ask me
    gdf fda: he's good, and besides, we're in singapore, a country huge on cyber crimes
    gdf fda: so we pretty much can't do any shit
    George Sakis: see this is the only tie I'll ever use the alertpay account
    George Sakis: I only opened it cause I ahd e-gold and ahd no way to cash it out
    George Sakis: someone told me I could put it in the alertpay account and then send it to my bankm, but it's been over a week and they haven't verified my account yet
    gdf fda: i sold my egold to supertrade before for WU
    gdf fda: dunno if that helps
    George Sakis: so it'll be at least a week before I get it
    gdf fda: and to local bank account too
    George Sakis: sounds like you're tryint to talk me into trading with him
    gdf fda: lol, if it is, then i'm glad to help out a fellow singaporean
    gdf fda: he's been helping me for a while, and i guess the best form of recipocation would be this already
    George Sakis: I already told him Ican't send that much and then wait 24 hours to see i I get it back in paypal
    George Sakis: he offered to cut ti to 12 hours, still worries me
    gdf fda: you're lucky, i had to wait 2 days for my paypal to change to gold
    George Sakis: if I have to wait, then I'm safer to just wait for the bank
    gdf fda: fair enough
    George Sakis: thanks
    George Sakis: I'm just a chicken
    gdf fda: no you're not, just basic prudent trades
    George Sakis: thanks
    gdf fda: i'd do the same if i were you
    gdf fda: could you still sell some of your ap to me now though? need ~250 of it to buy refferals in
    George Sakis: I guess so...
    George Sakis: 250?
    gdf fda: yeah, could you do that?
    George Sakis: yeah, I'll try it with you
    gdf fda: thanks buddy
    George Sakis: I'm wroking on it... it's asking for my transaction pwd and I can't remember it... have to look it up
    gdf fda: lol
    George Sakis: sendng 100 now
    gdf fda: you got my email?
    George Sakis: [email protected]
    George Sakis: that's the one you gave me a bit ago
    gdf fda: yup, that's the one
    George Sakis: my paypalemail is [email protected]
    gdf fda: alrighty
    gdf fda: hey buddy
    gdf fda: i think i gave you the wrong account
    George Sakis: yes?
    gdf fda: it should be [email protected]
    gdf fda: forgot the ER
    gdf fda: lol
    George Sakis: oh shit
    gdf fda: just realised it
    George Sakis: now what?
    gdf fda: you sent already?
    gdf fda: can you cancel the transection?
    George Sakis: no
    George Sakis: it's gone
    gdf fda: dont fret
    George Sakis: I copied the email right out of the messenger
    gdf fda: i'll see what i can do
    George Sakis: * Date: Friday, February 01, 2008
    * Reference Number: 89A77-F9D82-5535A
    * Amount Paid: $100.00 USD
    * Receiver Email: [email protected]
    * Details:

    gdf fda: darn
    gdf fda: is there a cancel option?
    George Sakis: no
    gdf fda: let me send an email to them now
    George Sakis: well, whoever got it just signed up for an alertpay account
    George Sakis: shit
    gdf fda: i believe that if the money's not taken up
    gdf fda: after a certain period of inactivity
    gdf fda: the money is refunded.
    George Sakis: somebody just signed up as a referral from me
    gdf fda: as a referral?
    George Sakis: so it's whoever got that email
    George Sakis: yeah
    gdf fda: that's strange
    George Sakis: you send money to someone who doesn't have alertpay, they sign up to get it, and you get a referral fee
    gdf fda: oh man, this sure is money you dont wanna earn
    George Sakis: I knew I shouldn't have tried this
    George Sakis: that's 100 I coudn't afford to lose
    gdf fda: i tell you what
    gdf fda: because this is entirely my fault
    gdf fda: i'll compensate you
    gdf fda: come back tomorrow and let me know if the alertpay's back into your account
    gdf fda: if it isn't
    gdf fda: i'll send you the papyal
    George Sakis: it an't come abck if somebody claimed it
    gdf fda: it's a 100, and i think i can managae
    George Sakis: I'm just gonna stop now
    George Sakis: I can't do this
    George Sakis: that was money to feed my daughter with
    George Sakis: I can't risk anymore
    George Sakis: I wuit
    gdf fda: your paypal email was [email protected] right?
    George Sakis: quit
    George Sakis: yeah
    gdf fda: alright, let me know again tomorrow, alright
    George Sakis: yeah
    George Sakis: I knew better
    George Sakis: btw, I fugured it out
    George Sakis: I'm the supersucker
    George Sakis: good scam, dude... getting the email addy wrong,,, you just screwed a ten year old girl
    gdf fda: eh?? dont get me wrong buddy!
    gdf fda: i honestly gave a wrong email!
    George Sakis: yeah
    George Sakis: and your real one is supersucker... I'm not that stupid
    George Sakis: or I guess aybe I am
    gdf fda: dude, it was a genuine mistake!
    George Sakis: bullshit
    George Sakis: that's too pat
    George Sakis: I'm going to post this up on that list
    George Sakis: and then I'm going to quit ever trusting anyone again
    gdf fda: omg
    gdf fda: now ive become a scammer
    George Sakis: if you weren't, and this were just a mistake, you'd amke good on it now, not tell me to come back tomorrow
    George Sakis: there's no way I can get the money abck in alertpay and if you deal with them you know that
    George Sakis: it's just gone
    gdf fda: i can't make good at it because i'm taking the assumption that if no one claims it
    gdf fda: it'll be back into your account
    gdf fda: i'm giving you the option of paying out of my own pocket if it doesnt then
    George Sakis: it just got claimed by whoever got that email
    gdf fda: what if it gets sent back to your account tomorrow
    George Sakis: and signed up as MY referral
    gdf fda: i pay for nothing?
    George Sakis: why would it get sent back tomorrow???
    George Sakis: if the guy were gonna send it abck, he would have emailed me to ask waht it was about
    George Sakis: instead, whoever it was just took it and ran
    George Sakis: so I think it was you
    George Sakis: and this whle conversation goes up on the ROI list and Goldage
    Last edited by Entico; 02-02-2008 at 03:10 AM. Reason: got screwed

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