egold china - paypal to egold moneybookers to egold buy digital currency buy e-currency exchange digital currency buy e-bullion buy c-gold exchange e-currency (E-gold Paypal Moneybooker Exchange Exchange Between Egold and Paypal and Moneybooker) e-gold exchanger was steal my money.
Don't trust them and don't use any service from China.They are cheater.They are scammed my money of 104USD.
This is proof of my order and that I paid 2x52USD(2x36EUR) for buy 100USD e-gold.

First order

Second order

History of moneybookers,proof that I paid 2x52USD(2x36EUR) for buy 100USD e-gold.

And I don't got my e-gold,never.
They are always said,"account is blocked" than they are never send you money to e-gold.

This is gtalk chat when they cheaters want more money.

12:22 PM me: can you give me back my money to moneybookers account? Because I'm afraid that I lost more money.
12:23 PM me: ?
12:24 PM nana: sorry
i cant
12:25 PM me: And what can I do,is that mean that I must paid more 50$
nana: yes
12:26 PM you need finsh a 50USD order in my website
12:27 PM me: ok,but how can I trust you,because this is my first order?
nana: i am, so sorry
12:29 PM me: Ok,i go to the bank and upload fund to moneybookers account,then sent you.And how many days you need

to charge my e-gold?

I was send them another 52USD.
After that,when I ask their about my money,I got this message on email from serious chinese exchanger like



(linana to me
**** you,you mother ****er hehehehehehehehehehehehe
i wait you man,let me see your ****ing do it
i wait u

This is answer about my money and this is Chinese Bussines.

They are use this email and phones:
Telefon: 0086-15939142301
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

I finds more informations.
Same person jzusacia and Nana Li have another e-gold exchanger E-gold Paypal Moneybooker Exchange Exchange Between Egold and Paypal and Moneybooker with email

[email protected]
,SKYPE: lucy hongkong
or SKYPE: nana hongkong
and phones:+86(0512)69677184

I finds this on the other forum about jzusacia

Quote Originally Posted by cahmad03 View Post
he/she JZUSACIA is a scam!
never paid the purchase.
never replied mail after paypal transfer.
he/she is TOTALLY scam!
otherwise, he/she should be paying by now.