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    Default Have PayPal. Need egold.

    Hello, everybody!

    I've got PayPal money, but I need e-gold. Since I am getting tired of scammers (twice in two days I've been ripped off!), I would like to exchange small amounts, such as maybe $20 or so. Until we get to trust eachother, that is.

    If you've got a good iTraders record, it's a different issue, of course.

    I'm hoping for serious traders, because I'd like to stay in touch, doing more business in the future. So far, I've traded with the admin, and that's worked out peachy!

    To the scammers: I think we all would have a much more prosperous future if we all were honest with each other. After all, getting regulars pays off in the long run, rather than scamming for small amounts, and then running over to the next forum to make more petty money.


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    post moved to the correct section of the forum.

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