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    Default Your Egold for Euro dollars.

    :roll: Let me start the ball rolling here. :lol:

    I'll exchange on the following criteria based on past and successful exchanges/purchases with many Pipsters.

    1- We buy Egold on 1 to 1 basis (i.e 1 Egold to $1 USD).
    2- We pay you in Euro dollars based on day rate as per
    3- Preference goes to EU member States to save both parties through IBAN acct.
    4- If you are unknown to me, and you want to sell Egold, you can trust me more than I can trust you.
    5- You deposit your Egold to my acct and email me your full banking details by email.
    6- It may take 2 - 4 days but usually, we succeed within 2,5 to 3 days for completion. Patience & Trust is essential to commence arrangement.
    7- Regarding selling of excess Egold, enquiries are Welcome.

    Email your Offers by: clicking my email button below.

    Have U confirmed or R U satisfied with answer to your post? Click the "Thanks" button to show it.

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    Default Two e-XChangers, actually Three

    Hi. Here are the URLs where you are able to exchange one E-currency for another. These e-exchangers have been sorely needed on the internet but at last they have arrived. I have made exchanges at the first one but I am an affiliate of all three (I think you have to at least become a member to do the exchange. The cost of the exchange to you is around 3% and is swift). The first one has great interest rates should you wish to keep or store your e-currency with them and which money to pay those rates, I think, is derived from their exchanges which takes it out of the class of those other high-yielding programs? I also have money invested in all three of those programs below. The second program, although likely honest, apparently is not getting two much business because their returns are now only about three percent /mo. The third one possibly has future promise but is quite intricate and not easy to comprehend and learn.

    I find the harder I work, the luckier I get

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