They are not many! We can check them one by one:

e-Gold Outexchange rate 50%
BestGoldCard Membership IS NOT AVAILABLE at this time.
Cambist egold exchange, e-gold, ecurrency exchange, offshore asset protection&e-currency. Outexchange rate 50%
Cash Cards International Online Exchange Services You need to create an account&get their card first!
ElectrumX - Fast Gold Exchanger You need to be a member to get their rates! 6% outexchange rate.Funds arrived in 48 hours
GoldPouch Express Not buying or selling e-gold Available to Nigeria residents only!!!! Website is not working
London Gold Exchange - E-gold, Digital Currency, eCurrency - buy, sell, convert Not buying e-gold
The Bullion Exchange Gold Exchange Provider. Precious Metals, E-Gold and E-Bullion Their funds are seized by US government
IceGold - first e-currency exchange in Europe Not buying e-gold
Getemoney - E-Gold and E-Bullion Exchanger Outexchange rate 8%
O M N I P A Y Not workign until they move to Africa!. Not buying e-gold.