Why SPU?

Not for US residents or Territory.
SEApay regrets this move towards the fine people of the US.

SPU-backed money is the best choice. We at SEApay, have long recognized that people need a Totally Secure & Private payment system online. For this reason, SEApay was created using SPU.

SPU's are SEApay Units. One SPU is equal to 1 EURO. We have made it so that everyone world wide does not need to use any one currency but can convert SPU's using our online currency exchange to just about any currencies worldwide.

SPU will become the ultimate form of money and will have a major role in the global marketplace the Internet has become. The barriers for the global usage of SPU as money have been removed with the coming of the age of online currencies.

SPU-backed money is a digital currency that is private and 100% backed by funds held in account with our banks. That is why you can exchange SPUs for products and services or exchange SPUs for your local currency.

You will need to use a NON US ADDRESS. This means an
address anywhere in the world that is not in the US or a US Territory
or Occupied by the US.

Check it out at:https://www.seapay.net/referral.php?cid=ES102258