What did i say :-(

It was NO coincident that money was gone, account closed, and other fishy thing happened there.

Dear UniClear Customer,
In light of recent events, we sincerely regret to inform you that we are suspending all transactions other than credit card processing for merchants for at least 120 days. This is due to the fact that the issues surrounding our problems with Wachovia, debit cards, ACH and our previous credit card processor have resulted in almost no new business, making it impossible to continue business at this time.

Instead we will continue to pursue legal actions against Wachovia, the State of Delaware and others in order to recover every last penny that has been frozen that belong to our clients. The funds are by no means lost, just tied up in litigation. These matters can and often do take lengthy court proceedings and has resulted in this temporary suspension of services.

Furthermore, we are suspending all Canadian issued UniClear debit cards indefinitely as a result of continued difficulties with the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia (FICOM). Previous balances are being credited back to UniClear accounts.

During this 120 day period:

We will not be accepting any funds for credit to any UniClear accounts;
We will not be offering any debit cards or card loads;
We will not be honoring any funds transfer requests from any UniClear accounts;
We will not be providing telephone or email support for any UniClear accounts;

We are working to succeed through tremendous difficulties, including Wachovia Bank and the State of Delaware freezing millions of dollars in assets, our merchant and credit card processing being discontinued unexpectedly, and a cease and desist order issued against our Canadian debit card platform.

These issues have eliminated many of our most profitable services and created constant delays for our customers, which has caused immeasurable damage to our reputation and slowed our business to a crawl. We cannot afford to employ the staff necessary to support your accounts until we resolve these issues and resume merchant processing.

We appreciate your understanding and continued patience during the next 120 days.