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The only things you'll need are:
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1. A Paypal account (click here to open a free paypal account:
2. $2.50 only.
3. And a PC with Internet connection .

Now follow these steps:

STEP 1 - Setting up your free paypal account (if you already have an account, just skip this step to STEP 2, if not click here:

STEP 2 Each of these e-mails transmission section forward by 0.50 cents in order from first to 5. The main mix order, otherwise the whole chain will be broken and the system will not work, so be careful and better Enter e-mail by hand. E-mail is as follows:

1 . [email protected]
2 . [email protected]
3. robitaills @
4. moonlight1002 @
5. [email protected]

Attention to an important moment!
When transferring 0.50 cents for each wallet is made in the following way.
When selecting "Send money" at the transfer type where it reads "Purchase" (below is good, eBay items and services) need to switch to "Personal" section (it will be written in Gifts, Living Expense, payment owed and Other) is to choose GIFT. Then will not take any commission you and the recipient. Be careful.
Create a similar text like this or you can also copy and save my own, than
delete the #1 paypal email off the list you see above, move the other email up one after the other (#5 becomes #4, #4 becomes #3, #3 becomes #2, #2 becomes #1). Then put paypal email account on the list which makes it #5.

STEP 3 - Go to Google search for 10 forums round the world post this message or send it to 200 email addresses and seat back at home to check your account the following day and see the amount of dollars that will pump your paypal account.

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