It is apparent we have been going through this recession for over 4 consecutive years, with its peak reaching towards the end of 2009. Unfortunately, 2010 is not much better and the unemployment rate is up 10% from 2009.

As we all continue through these tough times, we are still faced with the shortage of nurses throughout the world, more so within The United States. With the increasing number of baby boomers coming into retirement age and are now needing more medical attention. Many nurses are delaying their retirement and some our even coming out of retirement, to capitalize on this major nursing shortage crisis!

Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing homes are fighting over these dedicated RNs and are paying top dollars so they can fill their current staff shortages. While many non-healthcare industries are currently not hiring, the healthcare industry is still facing a nursing shortage!

More and more non-healthcare professionals who cannot find a job are going back to school to get a nursing degree,, knowing that the Nursing Shortage will continue to grow in the next 10 years.

But for some individuals they are not fortunate enough to go back to school to become an RN either because of money constraints or lack of time. This leaves these individuals looking for more dead end jobs.

Even without a nursing degree, anyone can capitalize on this nursing shortage! All one needs is the determination, drive and persistency. Starting a nursing agency, has been a great alternative for those who are in the non-medical field to start making a great living.

If you own a nursing agency, you act as a staffing agency or liaison in the nursing industry. Your job is to provide hospitals, clinics or nursing homes, temporary to permanent positions, whichever meets their current needs. And just like a staffing agency, you take in a percentage of the hourly or salary of the nurse employee once placed.

Of course, this involves a lot of planning which starts from the conception and unveiling the business. We have developed manuals that will take you step by step in starting, promoting and managing a Healthcare Staffing Agency.

Whether you are an existing nurse staffing agency, or just starting from scratch, we have packages that can help you to become successful!

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