I have 20, $25 promotional codes for a live cam site.

A live cam site is where you private chat with your choice of a hot chick on a webcam. They do
whatever you like. :) I'm not collecting any details, info, or asking you to buying anything
with your own money. These are promotional codes, you create your own account, and I give
you the promotional voucher info to redeem your $25.

Limit 1 promo per person, unless you send me a referral.
Please don't try to take all 20 codes for yourself from
different names, looks bad on me if 1 IP uses 20 codes.

Means I will never get anymore.

How to earn $$
Send me a referral buddy to sign-up and get $5 to your Paypal
or another $25 promo to your account. ($50 free credits total!)

So you can either

1. Enjoy $25 free credits
2. Earn money by sending me a friend who can enjoy credits.
3. Both 1 and 2!

Message me on IM or PM me your contact details if you want. They are going fast, so get yours now or get in line for the next batch. When these are gone I will update the thread and you can leave me your info and I will put you in line to get the next credits when available.

My contact info:

AIM - kuhuon
Yahoo Messenger - kuhuon
Windows Live/MSN - [email protected]