What do employers absolutely not want to see on a résumé?

Here are 13 of the best things to avoid that employers do not want to see on a resume.


Leave excess white space on your resume

Include a picture of your face (unless you are in European countries, that require it, or you are applying for a job as an actor.)

Use a resume generator

Use elaborate colors and fonts

Use the same verb twice at the beginning of a new phrase

Use Company specific jargon - generalize your job titles

Use too many verbs in a row

List every class you have ever taken, only relevant course to the position

Talk about your ‘goals’ in the summary section…if you even have a summary section

Include references on your resume, it is not the place

Include an interests section

Include the exact address, the city and state will suffice

Use an unprofessional and outdated email domain (EX:

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