We are looking for distributors and importers of our top quality photocatalityc assortment. Our materials are intended to reduce air polution adours and dirt in sensitive buildings and private homes.
Our products are sold through professional and do it yourself commercial networks
In our assortment we offer indoor and outdoor photocatalytic paints, invisible photocatalytic surface treatments, photocatalytic stuccos and pavements, ans OEM solutions. Our customers are :
House maintenance pro’s
DiY and professional painters
Schools and hospitals,
City officials
Health related industries
Building maintenance organisations
Health related companies
Main properties of our ptechology are
• It Purifies the air and destroys the pollution.
• It Eliminates odors
• It Prevents soiled surfaces.
• It Inhibits growth of fungi and bacteria, by prevent the accumulation of nutrients.
We are also interested in to find freelance agents willing to cooperate with us to find the best importers and distributors. If you have good contacts in the building industry,or in health and environment related activities, do not hesitate to contact us.