Ad Click Xpress (ACX) is an online advertising company that offers services and products to Business Advertisers. Our unique advertising products provide inexpensive yet effective, solutions to the advertising needs of small businesses, as well as individuals.

WHO WE ARE: Ad Click Xpress is owned by an international holding company and is managed by a group of highly successful online marketing and programming specialists. With over 80 years of combined business management experience, the ACX Executive Team is well qualified to guide this company.
HOW ACX WORKS: Since ACX launched in June 2013, ALEXA has consistently ranked in the Top 1% Most Visited Sites in the world. With millions of pageviews occurring each month, ACX can offer business clients with many Prime Advertising locations for banners, text and full-page ads at cost-effective pricing.
WHY ACX WORKS: ACX has a Member Affiliate program that is crucial to providing Business Advertisers more value. The Member Affiliates are given an opportunity to earn generous daily commission by viewing Business Advertisers' websites on the ACX Traffic Xchange. With a membership of millions worldwide, Business Advertisers can expect a steady stream of visitors to their websites on a daily basis.
WHERE WE ARE: Because ACX customers and Member Affiliates reside in nearly every country in the world, ACX is purposefully decentralized. All ACX Staff - Customer Support, IT, Marketing, Management - work remotely via the internet, allowing us to serve our clients and members during all times of the day.
WHY ACX IS THE BEST OF THE BEST: No other online advertising company will provide you with the high quality web traffic Ad Click Xpress can offer. ACX will even give you your first 600 Visitors for Free.
Why We Are Better
Rated by ALEXA as a Top 1% Visited Company on the Internet!
Advertising Packages start for as little as $10 and you get up to 600 Visitors for FREE
5X the power of most Advertising with our Special Prime Advertising: Banners, Text Ads, and Full-Page Ads.

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