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    information on the establishment textcashnetwork:Brett Hudson has over 15 years of management experience in the field of high-tech computer, create a new beginning in 1996 Dot Com company from the ground floor and open within two years, reaching 42 million assessed dollars before leaving the company. Founded a company that stored value cards in 2001 was acquired by a publicly traded company in 2003. A track record of proven success in team development, internet marketing, retail distribution, and lead generation programs and guidelines as well as strategic product / sales plan to profit growth and market leadership. Brett always had to manage and produce high sales achievements both domestically and internationally. Through Brett's training, leadership, and sales management skills, he has created a niche sales in the Internet market place and become one of the largest storage / training companies on worldwide sales and service sites for small and medium enterprises. Created FTD Gift Card program in 2003, more than 500,000 cards distributed (CVS, 7-Eleven, Exxon, RiteAid, and Staples). Brett said that all he had done and learned in his 15 years in a time like this on Brett Hudson and management team to immediately.1.No ZeekRewards not jump to.zeekrewards investment is safe you can go to my blog to find out (if you do not know about it)
    -It is the same as placing ads Zeek ---> does not mean it is Zeek.
    The meaning of this: increased traffic + players will be more opportunities limited Ref + fake account (Fantasy).
    Most importantly, the limitations Fake Account.Vi Why limit? Because then you'd get $ must satisfy two conditions:

    One is getting 5.SMS/ngay
    Secondly, place ads
    2.TCN less formal activities, not postponed ..
    Normally, a site should be baked three stages:
    -Trial & Marketing: T.C.N have this step.
    -Pre-Launch (fix, update ... etc): operating cash ---> from 11-11-2011 ---> is now in phase nay.Len home page you can see the message to animals.
    -The works ---> on the day 12-12-2011 (tiny or later)
    3.T.C.N some new ones:

    -Package will be upgraded for additional% from Ref.

    4.Mot few notes as follows:

    -Free and earn money.
    -You enjoy 1.5 $ / month / Ref conditions: Ref getting enough 5.SMS/ngay & place ads. (Of course, verify the phone has Ref)
    -When receiving SMS messages every day you do not need lai.Chi only when registering at Verify phone number, TCN send verification ---> you have a message with only
    Our current 5.Viec:

    -Patience -> Daggers ---> flag to the whip hand
    -This is a new site, new ideas ---> new opportunities ----> join soon will have more opportunities to feed ---> Focus recruiting Ref if you want more!
    As you know, the world's population is 7 billion people, 30% of them have cell phones dong.Chuong this process suggest you get 5 SMS messages a day ---> Pay your money.

    When you invite a person ---> you can add 1.5 $ / month.

    You enjoy to level 10 Ref.
    link regiter:

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    So for each person I refer, I get $1.50 a month per person extra?

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