When you become a member you pay $10 into our system. You will be placed in our fast moving straight line money doubler. After just 2 more positions, bought by existing members or new members who joined after you, you will receive $20! Doubled your money for doing NOTHING!!

But that's just for starters because if you enable Auto-Cycle, $10 will be deducted from your balance when you cycle out and you will be re-entered automatically in the bottom of the line. This is very powerful because you don't waste time buying a new position manually so you always have a new position instantly when you cycle out. You can turn this feature on and off whenever you like. We pay out daily so after $10 is deducted from your balance the remaining $10 will be paid out to your Alertpay account.

Since it only takes 2 new positions to make the next in line cycle, it would be smart to buy more than 1 position of course. So after you have joined you can buy more positions from your back office to really explode your earnings. JOIN NOW AND SECURE YOUR POSITION IN THE LINE.