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    Default Forex Invests -

    Welcome to Forex Invests, home to safe and secure investing. We are a group of experts who have been operating a private fund for several years and in August 2010 we made the decision to open our investment mangement services to a wider audience.

    Investing mainly in the exciting market of forex, but also in other fields, we have consistently achieved an extremely high profit, and now that is avaiable to everyone from our site -

    Our unique program is designed to safeguard against the sometimes turbulant market and ensure you, as the investor, always receives an excellent return on your investment.

    Variable Interest

    All our plans run on a variable interest. That means every day you will receive a different return. This allows us to keep our program stable. If we have a bad day trading, we lower the interest rate, a good day means a higher rate. While you may be disapointed on those days that the interest rate is lower, remember that without a variable interest rate a single bad day of trading could seriously harm our program. Thanks to this system we will be able to keep on running forever.

    Reserve Fund

    The other way we keep our program stable is with our reserve fund. Each day 20% of our profits are placed into the reserve fund. If we have a day where our trading results in a loss we can use this reserve to pay our members. This means we can keep paying every day forever.

    Limited Referral System

    Most of our competitors rely on new investors, this is because they are in fact running a ponzi-type scheme. Forex Invests is a legitimate investment site and new members, while welcome, are not needed for the running of this site. To that end we decided on a limited referral system. You can invite your friends to our site, either using your referral link or our email invite system and earn a fair 1% of all money they deposit.

    Beginner Plan
    0.3 - 1.5% Daily for 100 business days Allowed Amounts 2.00 - 50.00

    Standard Plan
    0.5 - 1.8% Daily for 120 business days Allowed Amounts 51.00 - 100.00

    Premium Plan
    0.7 - 2.2% Daily for 150 business days Allowed Amounts 101.00 - 1000.00

    Professional Plan
    1.0 - 2.6% daily for 180 business days Allowed Amounts 1001.00 - Unlimited

    Test Plan
    0.3-1.2% Daily Allowed Amounts 1.00 - 50.00

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    The foreign exchange market is a worldwide decentralized over the counter financial market for the trading of currencies. Financial centers around the world function as anchors of trading between a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends. The foreign exchange market determines the relative values of different currencies.

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