WebProfitShare.com will go live this week! (Oct. 22) Feel free to join now and get your best position!

How does it work?

This program creates a Profit Share with Web Hosting companies and we are distributing profits with our advertisers (YOU!)

Getting involved is easy and very simple. You join by clicking Register in the menu (make sure you read and agree to the Terms.) Once you join you upgrade as a member by purchasing positions. Buying positions actually buys into our revenue share and web hosting from partner sites. You can use this to host your website and get ownership in a large partner network of service providers.

The sale of these positions are considered network income and are paying 98% of every dollar evenly to the entire Profit Share. So what does that mean? It means that not one single referred person is required for you to earn! Your position or positions give ownership in the entire Profit Share. So you will earn from new joins and you don't have to refer anyone. You do make a referral fee if you refer but it is absolutely not require to earn.


This one is going strong! Here are my 2 day earnings: Position Earnings: $24.78

They launch today and also they will start accepting credit cards today, so get in fast