Thought about this forum for a special project such as this. We are all outside the box thinkers and desire to help clean up the planet, right? Why not get paid big bux to do it. Ok.. It has to start with fairly big bux to get it started, but I'll bet the ROL club could make it happen. I started thinking about different ways to raise the funds required. Then I remembered this forum and checked in again after a very long abscence. What a great forum to propose such an "out there" project. So here goes:

I have an idea for cleaning up all the plastic there is on the planet starting with the flotilla the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific ocean. All 3.6 million tons of it.

My Idea can be implemented with a cash injection of 4 - 5 million dollars and be producing returns within a years time. Not 5,000% a day or anything outrageous like that, but good steady returns that could be very lucrative for an early participant. This isn't a hyip, nor is it a joke. It is a real idea that could work and uses some of the latest technology available on the planet to clean this mess up. What do we do with it all? There's a process that happens and the output sells hotter and faster than ever.

I am looking for interested parties on a private basis. All structuring of activities will be withiin legal and lawful, plain english limits, All business will be conducted in a jurisdiction where privacy is the highest priority.

Interested parties please contact me via PM. This is a long term project and the 'resources' in the Pacific Ocean alone could be worth billions, the rest of the planet, into the Q's?? who knows??? 3 - 5 million could earn a substantial return over the years.

Real Business, not HYIP.

I look forward to your responses.