Primfix is a business that invests into a sports betting market called "arbitrage". A sports arbitrage situation occurs when two Bookmakers (companies that handle bets on the results of a match or of an event) have different odds for an event and this difference will generate a profit or a zero loss on the worst case, no matter what the result of that event is. For example, let's consider a soccer match with two possible results (there can be more than two, this is just an example), A and B and two Bookmakers, 1 and 2. Let's say we have the following odds:
Bookmaker 1 Bookmaker 2
Result A 2.00 2.40
Result B 1.91 1.66

If you place a $1000 bet on result A on Bookmaker 2 and a bet of $1000*2.40/1.91=$1256.54 on result B on Bookmaker 1, you will always make money.

If Result A comes, you will earn $2400 from Bookie2,
giving you a net profit of $143.45

If result B comes out, you will make $2399.99 from Bookie1,
giving you a net profit of $143.45

We find these arbitrage opportunities on an almost daily basis and using much larger amounts. We have been doing this for several years now and as you just saw, it's impossible to lose money on this method. Another method we use is placing bets against the favorite winner for the game, under some specific circumstances. The odds are higher for the underdogs and we can earn a huge profit with that too. We have the technical knowledge to find, analyze and place these bets and now you can be a part of it too.
We started to build our website two years ago, the original idea was to gather a limited number of investors to increase our average bet value and profits but we were really busy with our technical analysis for placing the bets that we didn't work much on it. We came across the HYIP industry when we started to use e-currencies to make deposits and withdrawals from our bookmakers instead of the usual bank transfers we used in the past. We started to investigate about LibertyReserve, AlertPay, SolidTrustPay and realized they are very easy and comfortable to handle, that was the moment we discovered the HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) industry. We have been reading online forums and blogs for the past year before turning our first business idea into a HYIP business.

As we mentioned before, our investments are based on betting and cannot be fully guaranteed. We have many years of experience in predicting results and we will always do our best to make a profit, not only because we are investing your money but also our own. Our goal is exactly the same as yours: making money and you should keep that in mind. Your investment with us can be considered an agreement, both of us will make money, we need you to increase our capital and you need us to increase your profits. We want to make this agreement and pleasant and profitable as possible.
We are a registered company in the country of Seychelles since 2009. That means all of our businesses are handled outside the United States and other countries that have a strict policy when it comes to betting. Everyone can be a member of Primfix without fearing any future complications related to the gambling industry. We thought about this before choosing the country we would register our company in.
We started to build our website over two years ago but we have been doing this kind of business since 2002. We have tested many techniques during all these years and we are still testing new styles of arbitrage every now and than. One of the recent techniques we used was buying the results of a match in several sports, it's a pretty expensive deal but it pays off every time, unless the match result is canceled by the Bookmaker. Some companies offering a business similar to ours use a very risky system to place their bets, people refer to it as va-bank, which means placing nearly all your money into one single thing, it is highly profitable when it works but very dangerous so we stay away from that kind of technique. That was just an example of the situations we face on a daily basis in this kind of business.
We are offering three different investment plans and it is up to you to chose which one fits your financial situation. We are here to make a revolution when it comes to online businesses, we will make Primfix one of the biggest investment systems ever and we can only do it with your help. You are more than welcome to join Primfix's team today and start making money. We are here to stay and make solid profits on a constant basis. Our motto is: your challenge is our progress. Welcome to

Plans :
120% after 15 days
160% after 30 days
210% after 45 days