This one has paid me for the past three month.

Three months ago, a lady introduced me to the liberty reserve investment program. At first it seemed like scam because there was no site for it, but i later joined with half mindedness,then i started earning an unexpected income. Its crazy. The liberty reserve investment program is a private investment which pays you high yield profit with no risk at all.It is hosted by a group of top Liberty Reserve consultants who invest in all key sectors of the economy : Forex, crude oil, stocks, and other big investment areas. So you Just invest your capital and go to rest while your percentage profit comes in on a daily basis.This is the best investment program i have ever joined. It pays 7% - 13% of your total account balance daily depending on your investment.Unlike most programmes which promise higher profits and pay no dime.

The minimum investment here is $250 and maximum $5,000

To sign up for the Liberty Reserve Investment, you will have to go through an IV code from an existing member.I sell my IV code for $150 only,you will know its worth when you get started. I will advice you never to give out your IV code for free when you join, I bought my my referrer's IV code for $100 so now am selling mine.people would not value a free IV to such programm. Its all earning throughout. You earn good percentage profit which you can cashout at anytime and you also earn from selling your IV code. Its great!!!...join now.

I have been paid since last three months daily. i get this notification in my email is my latest payment:

Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Always address you by your first name.
Never send you any links or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.

Dear Leo,

You have received a payment to your account Uxxx3929:

Date: 27/2/2010 23:11
Batch: 30354437
From Account: Uxxx5964
Amount: $305.00
Memo: Payout to member #1623 from LibertyReserve Investment

Thank you.


you can contact me [email protected] for my IV code and registeration details