I don't usually go for programs like this one, but this is so neat and only costs you a one-time 50 cents!

With just 5 people on board you can earn $1562.50 for just 50 cents outlay. You do need to bring in one or two people for it to work for you, but for 50 cents of e-gold most people will give it a go!

If you and your downline get 10 each - you receive $50,000. NOW can you see the potential!!

If you haven't got any contacts yourself, just stick the URL in your favorite auto surfer and let your credits do the work for you.

It's a simple site, just click the Pay 0.5$ button, which takes you to an E-gold spend window, fill in your details, no need to put anything in the memo field, click Preview, then click Confirm as usual, but then click CONTINUE - this is important!

You will be taken to a registration page where you fill in your E-Gold account # and the user name you would like to use for this program. Job done.

Use the same URL as mine but with your user name instead of mine (shydrick) to send to your contact list or friends or advertise how you wish. There are so many free advertising methods these days.

Join at: http://www.autumnfund.com/?own=shydrick

Funding by E-Gold. Only 50 cents