United TSI is a new program that should launch this week.

A large part of the program is based on PIF's or Pay It Forward people. PIF's is a way for us to do good for others and also move the program forward so we all make money.

Everyone has to have 2 PIF's to join the program. Then when you cycle, you can either enter more people you want to help make money for free OR there will be an adopt a child benefit whereby you can put down you want to give 2positions away for charity.

I need 2 PIF's right away and would like more over time.

All I need from you is your: 1) Name 2) email 3) phone number and once I get into the program and cycle through the first level, you will be entered for free into the program. It is expected that this should happen quickly.

You can live anywhere in the world and join this program. All you will need is a Speedy Wallet account to receive your commissions.

Please send all this information to me through a PM on this site. I will send you information on United TSI and I will not spam you with other programs.

If you would like to make money and help others make money in the process for free, please contact me.