Hello my friend,

In just a few short months, people from more than 60 countries have joined this exciting NEW company that is attracting million dollar earners from previous successful companies.

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We do have a VERY lucrative rewards program that pays WEEKLY rewards, offers FREE fully funded luxury holidays to qualified leaders four times a year, and allows you to get your money back FAST. . . and earn incomes that will change your lifestyle forever.

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Let me give you an example.

Just three personal sales can earn you a reward of over $80.
Each group of 9 team sales can earn you more than $250.
Already people in our first week are earning reward payments of over $2,500.

In fact one of the leaders in another program who has vast experience with the binary compensation plan we use said that in his last venture he earned over $90,000 but with our binary system he would have earned more than 20 times that much!

We also give you THREE positions with the purchase of our Privilege Pack for the ONE purchase, so you will NEVER need to waste money trying to manipulate the rewards program to make money!

Not only that, if you can position yourself under an active leader who works with you, your team sales can grow as your Upline spills over members under you, adding to your own efforts FAST TRACKING your success.

This is not a gimmick, no tricks, no hype. . . it's just how the system works!


We studied the competition in depth and created a blueprint for success. . . we're in over 60 countries in a few months so we are already showing international appeal!

More importantly you need to have a product with great value that has local and international appeal.

Look what our members are saying about our product. . .

"I went into the travel portal with my Upline, Dave, to check on air fare prices and was very impressed as the prices for the very same travel time and flight numbers given to me by my travel agency were below half the cost of the travel agencies prices, so I will be booking a trip to Germany in December via Holidays and cash. Keep up the good work, I know this will take off big time in South Africa and around the globe."

"Hi, its Rebecca and Paul Jones from the Gold Coast, Australia, and we joined Holidays and Cash a few days ago. We have received a positive response from our friends. I was impressed with how easy it is to join online and have already found accommodation for our next trip to New Zealand that is $30 per night cheaper than my previous time consuming internet searches. With our enthusiasm for the membership package and cash rewards we find that we just naturally promote Holidays and Cash to our friends, wanting to share this opportunity with them. The web site offers great support with training and demos and we have used your u-tube videos too. Looking forward to working with you in the future"

If you are not happy with your success from previous or current ventures then perhaps it is time to make a NEW decision based on NEW information. We have studied where all the others went wrong and created a world class business model that is set for major international success.

Timing is everything! If you position yourself now you can capitalise on the major growth that will occur in your country and worldwide. Unlike other programs your downline does NOT split away from you, does NOT jump over you, and you CAN earn rewards with as little as 3 personal sales!

We DO pay you to UNLIMITED levels in your team. ALL you team sales are STORED for you to earn from. Your upline's sales spill over into your team and ADD to your team sales making you MORE money!

If you ever wished you could position yourself early with a company set for greatness this is YOUR time.


If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your successfully,
TUNDE akodu-joseph
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