We were introduced to a fabulous new program called Kanosis.

We have been so excited about it, that we couldn't wait to
share it everyone. They spent 6 years developing this product and it is
going to be huge! Keep reading the rest of the email if you want to know

This is a very serious offer – please give it 10 minutes of your time.
It’s 100% international.

This company will reshape the way people work and store information online

I kid you not. One year from now you will be kicking yourself if you pass
this up now.

It’s been 6 full years in development. I am in a very good position here,
close to the top, and they expect 600,000 members by June this year! Why not
have 10 to 15 thousand under you? We can do it!

2 things to do Right Now:

1) Clic//k on the link below; and from there go and watch the presentation.

2) At the end of the presentation, cli//ck on the button that says “Short

What you are learning about right here, right now, can have a major
influence on your financial life from this point forward. Imagine if you had
possessed the foresight to invest in Google when it first launched? Where
would you be now? Well, it is time to “imagine” once again!

Don’t pass this by without fully exploring it. EXPERTS have spent 6 full
years building this system. Ask yourself WHY?

I have placed a lot of information about Kanosis below for your convenience.


Kanosis / COIL Detailed Information
If you ever wished you had the opportunity to know about Google, eBay, or
Skype, before they introduced their products and services to the public,
you'll love this.
This is about one company's revolutionary new concept that includes an
internet based operating system / work station that many experts believe
will have just as big an impact as Google, E-Bay and Skype.

Internet Experts Agree - "Interactive internet based software complete with
secure data/file storage is the direction the internet is moving in for
sure. Microsoft and others are currently working on their models for release
in the years ahead.

After 6 years of Development by high level programmers, Kanosis is getting
ready to release theirs Now. (Official launch set for April 31st, 2006)

a.. Kanosis provides a secure internet based work station that sets the
new standard for working and playing online.
b.. With Kanosis you can access and securely operate your company from the
internet connection of your cell phone, from Web TV, i.e. from any internet
connection with Java anywhere in the world.
c.. No need for expensive computers with super large hard drives, all the
programs and storage you need are provided in the Kanosis work station.
d.. Kanosis solves the problems of hackers and viruses as all your files,
pictures and data are encrypted and securely stored online with the same
security used by the largest banks in the world.
e.. Kanosis / COIL is going to make a significant impact - it very well
could be the BIGGEST BOOM the internet has seen in a very long time.

The Company

Kanosis is a financially stable company run by a proven team who is
launching a phenomenal product that not only insures massive growth and
longevity, but is very very reasonable priced, coupled with the opportunity
to participate pre-launch in a proven marketing plan.

Kanosis / COIL is located in Cyprus and consisting of several top level
programmers who spent the last 6 years developing this work station designed
to provide a multitude of new benefits for internet users.

The Kanosis Team is Very Impressive

a.. Steve Whittington, President, was the former President of Herbal Life.
b.. Jim Southworth, High Level Guru who many say is the # 2 expert on the
Go to Google and type in Jim Southworth for over 600,000 references.

The Need

The power of this worldwide network remains largely untapped. Microsoft,
with control of almost every computer desktop, has failed to allow people
even a fraction of the benefit that people could enjoy by being connected to
a global network. They protect their market position at the expense of the
consumer, and pursue with a vengeance any company that threatens the status

They have left people starving for more, as evidenced by the massive success
of Google, Skype and eBay. Yet even these successful companies are now
controlled by corporate investors who are primarily interested in economic
gain, and this reality will eventually choke the life out of their
innovation and sense of community.

Kanosis / COIL promises to change that
http://www.kanosis.com/english/pages/presentation/ or


Please use " Melajack1 " as your referrer if you choose to join.

Brief Product Benefits List

a.. Never lose important computer based information again
b.. Protect your data from online theft
c.. Access your data from anywhere in the world, anytime, even when your
computer crashes or breaks, or when you are traveling
d.. When you buy a new computer, your data is immediately available in
this platform
e.. Easily create and maintain your own personal web site
f.. Communicate easily through email, SMS, Instant Message, Computer to
Computer VoIP phone, video mail and voice mail
g.. Optionally store all conversations
h.. Share files of any size with as many people as you want
i.. Send bulk communications to lists of people
j.. Entertainment, Music Player, Movie downloads, Games and more
k.. Built in internet banking platform that provides the most secure
internet banking system on the planet.
l.. Provides individual or company users with debit ca rds, instant
currency conversions, payrolls, all done in one easy to use interface.
This operating system seems to be all it appears to be and more. Not only is
it the first of its kind, there are already features like Video Conferencing
being added that will keep this company, product and opportunity even more
cost effective and far in front of any future competition.

All this for only $22 per month!
Join Now! http://www.kanosis.com/english/pages/presentation/ or


Please use " Melajack1 " as your referrer if you choose to join.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
[email protected]

From Canada