Hello and welcome to our international investment program. We are a small group of foreign currency exchange (typically known as "forex") traders. We engage in high profit aggressive style trading to net massive incomes.

The team behind the program includes John Bausch, Nicholas Jacovino, and myself David Christopher. We have been working together to maximize our profits on the forex market for over 5 years. Over time, we have continually developed our high profit trading system to reduce our losses and increase our gains.

After our own personal success, we decided to expand and open investments to help others attain their goals and live without financial worry. We began taking private investments only in late 2006 and have been very successful since then.

We are now offering our investment program to international investors from around the world. You can now be a part of our great profit generating system and begin on the path to financial freedom.

Investment Plans

Weekly Plans
Plan Deposit Range(in US$) Interest(%)
GET AFTER 1 WEEK - 1 $301 - $500 107.00%

Daily Plans
Plan Deposit Range(in US$) Interest(%)
GET FOR 1 DAY - 1 $1 - $75 100.57%
GET FOR 1 DAY - 2 $76 - $150 100.85%

Indian Customers can Buy & Sell Ipaydaily dollars thru Merchants Listed on the website.

Depositing through Paypal, MoneyBookers, LibertyReserve

Start Investing !!