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    Default weletyourmoneygrow -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    About Us

    “We Let Your Money Grow” is a trade name of “ChampAmigo” Ltd., an International Business Corporation registered in Belize. “ChampAmigo” Ltd, is owned by “AceGlobal” Ltd., a Trust Company also registered in Belize and licensed to market financial services.

    Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

    "We Let Your Money Grow”, is an ISO, licensed to market services offered by Saphrau Inc., whose registered office is: Suite 9, Ansuya Estate, Revolution Ave., Victoria, Seychelles. Saphrau Inc. is a private limited company incorporated under Seychelles company registration number 55709.

    The ISO Agreement was entered November 2008 and since a few months “We Let Your Money Grow” is collecting profits from the first seed-units it has purchased. Visit Saphrau online here: and click here to view the license.


    This program will never end! If one day seed-units are no longer available because all plantations are full, we will immediately change the program to other Bio Oil seed programs. We have two such programs lined up. Unless the 'sky falls upon us' there is no reason we can think of that would force us to close the program.

    Extended Warranty

    From the moment of your purchase, your seed-units are - at all times - secured by way of seed, plant or oil. This is so because we have integrated, into the sales price, the fee for an extended warranty! If a harvest is ruined it could only mean a six months delay for the next return, but your money, thanks to the insurance warranty, is not lost.
    Q) What is Crambe seed?

    Most farmers would call Crambe (kram-bee) a new crop, but to one agricultural research service chemist in Peoria, Illinois, it's an “old one” whose time has come. Known botanically as Crambe Abyssinica, this member of the mustard family originates from the Mediterranean area.

    Q) For what is Crambe seed used?

    The seed contains 30 to 35 percent oil, nearly twice that of soybeans and of this, 55 to 60 percent is composed of erucic acid. Crambe oil is a good source of long-chain fatty acids, useful as a chemical feedstock because the longer the hydrocarbon chain, the more things that can be made from it. Potential industrial uses include the manufacturing of a wide range of plastics, coatings, and lubricants.

    Q) What is Bio-Oil?

    Crambe is an industrial oilseed. The oil contains high levels of erucic acid which is converted into erucamide. The erucamide market is growing at a rate of between 4% and 10% per year. Erucamide is used as a slip agent in plastics and is a constituent of heat sensitive dyes.

    Q) What can you tell me about the market in which you participate?

    It’s a secure, long term market. We only place fixed price, buy-back contracts for all our crops when we have an order from the end user, avoiding potential over supply and price variation.

    Q) What can you tell me about the crop?

    Crambe is a fast growing annual crop from the cruciferous family. It is a combinable crop, requiring no special equipment. After extensive trials and development work, the crop has been grown on a commercial scale over the last five years.

    Q) What can you tell me about future developments?

    We work closely with all major commercial seed breeders, and have many new varieties in the pipeline. Extensive trials are carried out throughout the world.

    Q) What happens with my seed-units if the market for bio oil gets exhausted?

    Unless the unforeseen happens, this program will never stop; therefore you could be adding seed-units on a periodical basis in perpetuity. The demand for bio oil will not go down. It will definitely go up! At the same time, we have back up programs to replace this program if unexpectedly it may get exhausted.
    You are in the right place at the right time! We have two other oil and bio products lined up to replace or extend on from Crambe; one is hemp. It is unlikely these will exhaust within a reasonable time frame. However, if demand is exhausted across all possible growth routes, then the units would end and be fully redeemed at the then-market value of a unit.

    Q) Why are the seeds generated in New Zealand?

    They are specially bred there as non-nucleic. In other words they are designed to produce high levels of oil, but the Crambe grown from them does not itself produce seeds that can be replanted. The seeds are always generated in New Zealand where the facilities exist to create the volumes required.

    Q) Why are the plants not grown to seed in New Zealand, but in South Africa?

    New Zealand is not suitable to grow the plants in a way which would maximize seed crop yields. The two locations identified that can maximize crop growth are South Africa and Liberia. In addition, this is where already established farming and farmland contracts exist.

    Q) Why aren’t the plants grown to seed in India, since the bio oil is sold there?

    India could be used, but the existing relationships and contracts are in Africa, and the growing conditions in Africa are ideal for that purpose there, and the labor costs are acceptable. The seeds could be grown in Holland or the UK, to give a couple of examples, but yields there would be so small under the conditions that exist there (weather, soil, labor costs), it would not be profitable.

    Q) What can you tell me about Crambe husbandry?

    * Seedbed preparation – as with most crops a fine, firm seedbed aids establishment. On heavier land, ploughing overwinter enables frost heave. Stale seedbeds allow problematic weeds to be controlled.
    * Soil type – crambe is suited to all soil types; from heavy blue clays, to blow-away sands. It is a very drought tolerant crop.
    * Drilling – crambe has a very wide sowing window, after the risk of frost has passed. Seed should be drilled 0.5” deep, at a rate of 15kg/ha.
    * Weed control – a range of oilseed/mustard herbicides can be used on Crambe, as can numerous grass weed herbicides. Early weed control is required as crambe grows relatively slowly during its vegetative phase.
    * Crop growth – after the slow growth of the first few weeks, once the crop reaches early stem extension, it grows large rapidly and smothers weeds. The plant has a deep tap root, and this can improve soil structure.
    * Nutrition – as a guide the crop requires 150kg/ha (120units/acre) of nitrogen. Responses have been seen to sulphur.
    * Pest control – crambe is generally more pest tolerant than most oil seed crops. We have had reports of reduced slug problems after growing crambe. Flea beetle may be seen early in the season, and pollen beetle has also required treatment with an insecticide.
    * Diseases – crambe has relatively few diseases, except alternaria and occasionally sclerotinia. A well timed fungicide spray has improved not only yield, but also oil content.

    Q) What can you tell me about the Crambe harvest?

    * Maturity: crambe is mature when the seeds turn from green to beige. The seeds shed less than most oil seed crops. The crop is mature approximately 100 days after emergence.
    * Harvesting: The crop can be direct cut, desiccated and cut or swathed. The early harvest enables crops to be cut when moisture is relatively low.
    * Storage: Crambe may be stored and dried to a point of 9% moisture with ease. The crop will be delivered by the grower into the crush.
    * WLYMG works closely with agronomists, ensuring we and they are fully updated with the latest information from all perspectives. We also have a number of regional staff who liaise with growers throughout the season to ensure maximum crop performance.

    Q) Can you give me your definition of a crambe unit?

    * A crambe unit is a batch of crambe plant seed, weighing approximately 2 kilograms. This approximate weight (subject to variation) will require a farmland area in the region of 0.2 acres for growth.
    * The unit consists of the seed itself, as defined above, shipping and storage of the same if required, planting, provision of farmland for growing, the growing, harvesting and processing of the crop including all management and logistical services to provide on a best efforts basis a resulting bio-oil high in erucic acid from purchase date to an anticipated resulting date of 180-360 days thereafter on a revolving and renewing basis. The number of harvests per annum may vary.
    * The seed-unit will expire within the time as stated above, but renewed as expressed later in these FAQ.
    * The buyer at all times, via its handling agents (being WLYMG or the WLYMG’s appointed agents and counterparts acting as handling agents on WLYMG’s behalf) under the agreement, owns the rights to the seeds, the crop, the harvest and/or the resulting oil pertaining to the number of seed-units bought, unless sold, transferred or assigned back to WLYMG or once the seed-unit has expired.

    Q) When will my units be profitable?

    Your crambe units will be profitable after they have been trading for six months! During this priod the seeds are acquired in New Zealand and then shipped to South Africa where they are grown. Shipping of the seeds takes one month (down time) and the growth period takes three months. Then a further two months, including contingency, is required to reap the harvest and crush the resulting seeds to obtain the bio oil. The bio oil is then sold to India on an “as much as can be supplied basis”.

    Q) Are my crambe units insured?

    Yes. From the moment of your purchase, your crambe units are at all times secured by way of seed, plant or oil. If a harvest is ruined it could only mean a six month delay for the next return, but your money is never lost.

    Q) Is this an investment program?

    No; not in the usually understood, “regulated” meaning of the word. It is a profit-sharing program. The buyer is purchasing seed! WLYMG spends the collected funds on developing seeds. A profit margin is created during the time span it takes to turn seeds into bio oil. A share of the generated profit is paid to the buyer on a weekly basis, starting six months after the seeds were bought.

    Q) After the first crop has been harvested, what happens with the money I have paid?

    Your originally purchased seed-units are automatically renewed after each cycle for continued year-on-year profits until you choose to stop. For as long as you let the spent amount “roll over”, the weekly profits will continue, year after year!

    Q) Can I withdraw my money?

    The amount you have paid will returned upon your request. From the moment you do, your seed units will stop to generate income. The sum of your withdrawal is 50% of the amount you have paid, since from the amount the cost for the referral bonus and affiliate program has been deducted. In addition a service charge will be deducted.

    Q) What if I want to withdraw my money?

    Although it is unlikely you will want to, you may withdraw the amount you have paid six months after a unit has started to generate earnings. A withdrawal request must reach us at least two (2) months before the actual cancellation date, and an administration fee of 5% of the invested amount will be deducted. The sum will be transferred through a method of your liking on the nearest Friday following one (1) month after the cancellation date. Your seed-units will stop generating income!

    Q) Do I get some kind of proof that I own a seed-unit?

    * Yes! Each seed-unit order comes with a “Certificate of Ownership”; which you can download in your member area..
    * At an additional fee a tangible “certificate of ownership” can be sent to your home. We can mail multople copies in one shipment to cut the mailing costs. Our support desk may tell you the exact price in your case.

    Q) How much profit will I earn?

    There are two ways to get your profits paid!

    Method A) the “cash unit" option:

    * After six months you will, each week, be paid the profits from the sale of your bio oil production.

    Method B) the “seed unit" option:

    * After six months you may purchase new seed units from your oil production. WLYMG will pay you in the form of further seed units, rather than cash. This means you will have acquired greater value over time.
    * Watch the value of your portfolio grow year after year as you acquire more seed units for the sale of your oil, and these are renewed each cycle.

    Regardless of the types of units you possess, returns are based on the number of crambe units in your possession. The table below shows you the weekly and annual percentages of the different steps.

    Number of Seed-Units

    Bio Oil Buy Back Profit



    Stage 1

    1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 units



    Stage 2

    6 through 24 units



    Stage 3

    25 through 99 units



    Stage 4
    100 or more units


    Q) How and when do I decide my preferred crambe seed unit?

    Upon ordering you will receive seed units. After the seed units have started to generate profits you can make a switch to cash units.

    Q) Can I order a mixture of “cash units” and “seed units"?
    Not upon ordering, you can switch after your units became active!

    Q) Can I later change between “seed units” and “cash units”?

    After six (6) months, when your seed-unit has started to generate earnings, you may switch between “cash units” and “seed units". A “switch” may be made weekly with payment of an administration fee of £0.15. The switch 'button' is located in your member area.

    Q) How often can I switch between my units, and when do I set up a switch?


    You can switch weekly. You have to set a switch before midnight on Fridays, Greenwich Standard Time.

    Q) What are the trading cycles of crambe units?

    Crambe seed-unit trades start every Friday, 52 times per year! We will order seed-units every Friday in the name of buyers for value received before Monday in the same week. The first Friday after 26 trading weeks, WLYMG will payout the first profit. There is no trading in week 53 if a year happens to have 53 weeks.

    Q) How will I receive my profits?

    The cash you’ll receive for your “cash units” will be deposited into your earnings account. In the case of “seed units", your profits will be kept in your “reserve account” until you have reserved enough funds to cover the purchase of another seed unit. You may view your “reserve account” and “earnings account” balance in your personal member zone.

    Q) So, how much will I be earning each week?

    Basically it is you who decides how much you earn each week. If you know the amount you need to cover your rent/mortgage, insurance fees, studies, holidays and daily cost of living, you just have to purchase the number of seed-units that will generate the required amount each week.

    Q) If I have 'seed units”, how much profit can I expect after ten years?

    The more seed-units you possess, the higher will be your profits. The following table gives you an impression of the FIXED returns you will generate based on 100 seed units invested over a period of ten years.

    Pound Sterling

    100 Seed Units

    Amount after 1 year


    Amount after 5 years


    Amount after 10 years


    Per month after 10 years


    US Dollars

    100 Seed Units

    Amount after 1 year

    ± $2,517

    Amount after 5 years

    ± $13,383

    Amount after 10 years

    ± $108,050

    Per month after 10 years

    ± $9,004

    Eurozone Euros

    100 Seed Units

    Amount after 1 year

    ± €1,812

    Amount after 5 years

    ± €9,636

    Amount after 10 years

    ± €77,796

    Per month after 10 years

    ± €6,483

    Assuming a buyer bought 100 "seed units" and would switch to “cash units" after ten years, the monthly profit would be £4,223.83 (i.e. approximately $9,004 per month)!

    Q) What is the price of a seed-unit?

    In the table below you may view the fixed prices in British Pounds Sterling, Euros and US Dollars. Since the daily exchange rates are changing several times daily, we will not adjust the prices for EUR and USD every time a change occurs. Only if the rates will change drastically will we adjust the seed-unit prices of a particular currency.

    Price Break Down




    Crambe Seed


    ± €11.70

    ± $16.00

    Extended Warranty


    ± €0.60

    ± $1.00

    Referral Bonus


    ± €1.75

    ± $2.50

    Forced Matrix


    ± €3.50

    ± $5.00

    Total Price:


    ± €17.50

    ± $25.00

    Q) Do you pay a Referral Bonus?

    Yes, we do! If a personally enrolled membr (client) purchases a crambe unit, you will receive a referral bonus. Per unit you will earn 10%, which is £1.50.

    Q) Does WLYMG offer an Affiliate Program?

    We sure do! With your first purchase of a (deci) seed-unit you will activate a position in a “5 x 8 forced matrix”! Once you have occupied a position in the forced matrix, even if you do not enroll new clients, you may earn matrix commissions from “spillover”! Every owner of a unit earns commissions through level 5. Buyers in “stage 2” earn commissions through level 6, and those at “stage 3” earn commissions through level 7! You have to be at 'stage 4' to qualify for commissions through level 8.

    The table shows the payout per level for every unit sold in your downline.

    5 x 7 Forced Matrix Tables

    UK Pounds Sterling


    Crambe Units




































    Q) May I promote WLYMG without owning a crambe unit and still earn a referral bonus?

    Sorry, but no! You have to be the owner of at least 1 unit to qualify for the referral bonus program.

    Q) How can I get my money?

    Upon your request, WLYMG will transfer earned referral bonuses, forced matrix commissions and your profits from selling bio oil to a bank account of your choice or you can withdraw your earnings through a gift card.

    Q) What is Breakage?

    Breakage occurs when a 'buyer' is not qulaified to earn commissions at level 6, 7 or 8 in the forced matrix. The commissions generated on these positions will be paid to the regarding sponsor as 'breakage'. If also the sponsor is not entitled to earn on these lower levels the system will look for the qualified upline sponsor.

    Q) Will I also earn breakage while being on the 12 month layaway plan?

    Yes, but only on these stages that have been already financially covered. In other words, if you have paid for 10 units, you will get the breakage from level 6. If you have paid more than 10 but less than 25 units, you get the breakage from level 7 and finally, you earn the breakage from level 8 if you own 100 or more units.

    Q) Can you tell me about your Gift Card program?

    * Gift Cards are available in GBP, EUR and USD.
    * Gift Cards are issued in denominations of £50, £100, £200, £500, £1,000; in Euros €75, €150, €300, €750 and €1,500; and in USD $100, $200, $400, $1,000 and $2,000.
    * The cost of a Gift Card is £7.50 / €10.00 / $15.00 + 2% of the loaded amount.
    * Postage, handling and PIN mailer is included.
    * A personal internet account is opened to check the card balance and monitor your payments.

    Q) How much does it cost to withdraw money through an international bank wire?

    The cost of a withdrawal through an international Bank Wire is £20 / $40 + 2% of the amount withdrawn.

    Q) How do I make a payment?

    You may use Credit Card (GBP / EUR / USD), PayPal (GBP / EUR / USD / AUD), AlertPay (EUR / USD), Bank Wire (GBP / EUR / USD /AUD), Western Union, or Cash (GBP / EUR / USD / AUD). We also accept paper drafts in UK Pounds and US Dollars.

    Q) How fast will a payment be processed?

    Credit Card, PayPal and AlertPay be processed the same day. Cash, Western Union and Bank Wires will be processed on the day funds have been received, Checks will be processed in good faith on the day we receive them, although it may take up to two months for our offshore bank to clear the checks. Please keep this in mind and do not place a 'stop order' because you think it takes to long to clear.

    Q) Do you charge a payment processing fee?

    Yes, depending on the payment method a payment processing fee is added to the price. For PayPal, Credit Card, AlertPay and Solid Trust Pay the added fee is 6% + (£0.50 / €0.75 / $1.00 /AUD $1.50). For a Local Bank Wire, add £5 / €7.50, and for an International Bank Wire, add €30 / $40. For Western Union, add $5 and for a paper draft $7.50 or £5.00 . No fees apply when sending cash.

    Q) I want to buy at least 5,000 units but before I do I want to talk to a representative of the company. How do I get in touch?

    We are happy to talk to you after you have proven to be a serious prospect by acquiring 50 regular crambe units. When a phone number is provided, you will be contacted ASAP.

    For more information, visit

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    What is happening to WLYMG?
    Has the site been attacked ? Do they have server problem ?
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    Is the site down ? Or has it disappeared ?
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