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    Default I Will Benefactor (Pay Your Way) Into The TOP Online Marketing Program!

    Dear online entrepreneur,

    I am not going to bore you with hype or try to sell you
    a vitamin or mortgage refinancing, PROMISE!

    == I have $796 Worth Of Silver Pack Vouchers To Give Away ==

    The statement above is fact. I am part of a "Core Business Group"
    online that is going to take MANY new technologies to the world
    and all online. How would you like to be one of a few people
    who help me do this and be rewarded financially for it?

    = I know you’ll want details and I will keep it short for now. =

    This email is just a door opener. I do not expect any
    commitment however you have read this far, please
    finish and hear me out...

    I am very close to the owners of 3 companies that
    are very young, ambitious and approachable. These
    owners are entrusting me and many others to be the
    marketing arm for them. Here are just a few technologies
    that they are unveiling and giving me and possibly you
    the chance to expose to the world and FIRST!

    ** Just a FEW! **

    = VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with MANY more options
    than the competitors/AND FREE for you if your on my team!

    = The latest online marketing technologies/instructions.
    This company shows people how to take ANYTHING online
    and sell for profits.

    There is much more but I do not want to get long winded here!

    = I Will BENEFACTOR You And PROVE This Is BIG! =

    You will NOT pay a dime... and That Is A Promise.

    I have been given the authority by this company to
    choose my own "core team." This "core team"
    that I choose will pay ZERO to join but will be
    given the starter kit, ETC.! This is real! You
    have read this far, so you deserve a chance at this
    in my book. I do not even need to talk to you over the
    phone, a simple email will be enough from you.

    == Instructions *VERY IMPORTANT* ==

    Email me direct at mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Benefactor_C andidate

    It is VERY important that "Benefactor Candidate"
    be shown in the subject line. I get
    hundreds of emails and if I see that in the
    subject line, I will not delete it.

    In your email, tell me your first name
    and what part of the country/world you live in.
    This is a GLOBAL opportunity so it does not
    matter where you live as long as you have internet

    This is all I need. I will in turn send you an
    email that has a few more details but more important,
    a VOUCHER CODE that you must write down. This is the
    code that you will use to activate the CD Pack that
    you will receive FREE in the mail!

    I look forward to your response :-)



    VMG Online Marketing Specialist
    [email protected]

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    Lets move this up.

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