Hi guys, people have been talking about how to invest in bitcoin and get nice profits.

I will share my experience with you and I will give you advice on how to avoid the mistake many people have been committing, and just how easy it is to make money online.

First of all you must have an account on https://www.coinbase.com

Now purchase BTCs (minimum 20$ - Ideal $100+)
*Here you will be purchasing BTCs at a low 4/5% rate

Then you must go to xCoins and create an account *IMPORTANT here many people had the mistake of registering as borrower and not lender so you must register as INVESTOR using that link: https://xcoins.io/investors

Then it will ask you for a promotional code, you can use this or leave it blank: 3e4yva

Then you must go to MY WALLET and copy the link of your wallet, then you go to CoinBase and send your BTCs to your xCoin Wallet.

After your transaction is confirmed ( it takes like 20 minutes) you go to LEND put 20$+ and start lending. After few minutes or 1 hour your BTCs will be 'sold' and you would have made the value of bitcoin + 15% or so.

Start small, and scale. Its easy profit.
When you've got up to $10k, its faster. Just keep re-investing.