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    Default Get 20 Euro for free at Recyclix and earn forever

    It paid me out more times already in 2016:

    My Recyclix PAYMENT PROOFS 2016: 1. , 2. , 3. , 4. , 5.

    + My friend's Recyclix PAYMENT PROOF 2016


    Register FREE to
    When registering the "MASTER ID" is my personal referring code, please do not delete it, and if it is missing, please copy-paste to "MASTER ID" this: 3D8D-2643-9EE5 Thanks! After that confirm Your email!
    Register with E-mail (instead of Facebook), because You will have to confirm all Your payouts in email too first!
    There are 13 languages built in already in this very professional company (mobile optimized website, etc.)!
    RCB 80 %


    20 euro FREE


    IF You fill out Your real name and data in Your profile, which do NOT require credit card details.



    For this 14% monthly interest buy non-recycled waste in the Member's Area (from Your free 20 euro too) and wait, while they are processing, recycling it, so it's value is increasing like this:


    IMPORTANT informations:

    From now on I will write all the important and new infos here about
    - Between 2016 September 20-23 there were open days again: You could go personnally and visit the waste recycling factory in live again, and this time it was broadcasted online in live! And as it was expected, youtube again was filled with tons of new videos about Recyclix facility visits and open days (not just in english, as most open day visitors were not enlgish people because it is a european, Polish company, but many are english among them). As I browsed several hours these videos, I still not got to its end, but many among them are just earlier videos, or presentations, so I am linking here a few videos about Recyclix 2016 SeptemberOpen Days (1-10!):
    - 1.: Recyclix waste recycling facility Open Days 2016 September video
    - 2.: Recyclix waste recycling factory from above with flying drone camera
    - 3.: Recyclix 2016 September Open Days broadcasted live, with balloon
    - 4.: Recyclix balloon and business nigth in live
    - 5.: Building size huge Recyclix logo lighted on building at the reception (social engagement)
    - 6.: Visiting the Recyclix waste recycling factory, facility at daylight with many attenders
    - 7.: Introducing the Recyclix waste recycling facility with more detail
    - 8.: Balloon + social engagement live broadcasting
    - 9.: Social engagement Recyclix night with fancy lights and show in live, with more detail
    - 10.: Fire show at Recyclix's business suit reception night

    + 1-2 more videos from earlier Recyclix Open Days, factory visits, and some interesting details:
    - Many offline promo materials with Recyclix logo, like lamp, key-holder, etc. + offline Recyclix business brossure, paged one by one throughhere from about 5-6 minutes (this is available also in more languages!)!
    - 2016 May Recyclix Open Days video
    - +1 video from 2016 May about Recyclix Open Days
    - Recyclix video with many new details about the waste recycling facility + many attenders
    - + 1 Recyclix waste recycling machine from 2016 Open Days
    - Many NEW and modern, professional waste recycling machines with new details and with the waste recycling proccesses with more viewpoints ( I could not see these machines yet in other videos, so this should be their 3. waste recycling facility)
    - + Video about 2016 May Recyclix Open Days, here also are more huge and modern waste recycling machines about the 6th minute in this video
    - Recyclix's 4 office + many important infos, like the start and growth of the company, the present and future plans, member counts, TOP investors + Francishe opportunity: if You want to partner them like you can with McDonalds or KFC, etc. to open a factory with them together You can do!
    - You can watch the building of the fourth waste recycling factory in live like this from your admin page with free registration also 0-24 from more camera!
    - Recyclix expands to Africa also ( T-shirts will be available with Recyclix logo to all soon! ;)! ).
    + A few more, different, more professional waste recycling facility videos from earlier open days, to see there are really tons of them in different kinds and languages ( there are exponencially more about these, with more professional video skills, and componed to music, etc.):
    If You also search after for example on youtube for open days than You can also see that this company is real, as you can see Yourself a lot of private videos from about the recyclix open days, and facility visits, but here are a few more different videos about earlier Recyclix open days: + 1 recyclix open days video , + 2 open days visit video 2016
    Serious investors tend to go, or those who are still not convinced, but anyone is welcomed on Recyclix open days! They gladly show again all departments of the waste recycling plant, and proccesses within a guided detailed personal tour. Details in the Members Area!
    - Recyclix will also be found on Recycling Expos. Like for example they will have their own stands at the Solids Basel Schuettgut trade show (Stand B12) on November 16-17

    and at the Plastic Recycling Show in Amsterdam on March 29-30, 2017 (Stand D38).
    - They have signed a contract now even with McDonalds about teir waste recycling too!
    - In the city of Lobez they started to build a new bigger and much more efficient modern waste recycling factory, and You can WATCH THIS NEW FACTORY BUILDING ON LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTING 0-24 from more camera from the admin page (when it is not night, weekend, but at work times always, so You can see how it is done, and it is really there building up!!!)!! This is a 15 million euro investment, this will be the 4. waste recycling factory, where they alone will be able to recycle +2000 tons of waste every month over the earlier 2800 tons monthly volume, which is generated by the 3 already existing waste recycling factorys! ( Maybe this is why they did not satisfied with only loans, as some critics asked, because banks maybe could give loans for some ten thousand euros, but not for millions! )
    - They are in the initial stages of negotiation for the purchase of a 5. (plastic) waste processing facility in the beautiful resort-city of Bari on the Italian
    So all is good news again, my faith in becoming even stronger.



    The minimum payout is 20 euros. Withdraw Your money by normal bank transfer or to PayPal and BitCoin with 1 click or to Credit Card (with creditcard withdrawals over 100 euro, there is no 3,5% payout fee as other options! You also have to confirm Your money payouts in email, this increases the safety for all! After 6 hours the money was already on my account. PAYMENT PROOFS 2016: 1. , 2. , 3. , 4. , 5.

    + My friend's PAYMENT PROOF 2016
    This friend is my sponsor, and he with his father are in this business for much longer than I with about 5250 euro and my sponsor's sponsor has invested in Recyclix.com30 000 euro as they are also quite assured about this is a real solid investing business. I am that rich jet, this is why I am writing this article, so please look solidness, SCAM review, reliability tests also Yourself too! I gave many keypoints to this in this article. Thanks!


    + 12% Commissions from referring others:

    This last step is optional, of course, but You can also referr as many new investors to Recyclix as I do with Your unique refferal link for 12% commissions from their deposits (not from their profits, just from their deposits)! But without inviting more people this is still a good loong term win-win online money making investing business pointing into the future trends!

    Skype: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

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    Thanks for this,They give bonus 20 EUR for FREE

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