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Our company called Investment Benefit Group (IBG), Moscow.
Due to wide experience and own unique developments, investment portfolios under our management are constantly growing.

Investment Terms

Minimum amount: $ 3,000
Investment period: at the discretion of the investor
Average yield: 60-85%, taking into account the deduction of commissions
company, the Commission is charged only with profits, once a month.

Clear scheme of work

The investor makes a deposit by yourself to your investor account, with full access to the control and monitoring. Investor can close the deals and withdraw investment at any time (24/5).


Safety of funds - the main goal of our company. IBG does not accept money from investors in cash or by any other methods. The investor replenishes his account in the intermediary bank, which acts as a guarantor in the preservation and protection of investment from non-commercial risks.
* The bank - Wells Fargo, London


The minimum investment period determined by investor.

High yield

We have developed investment products that consistently bring income to our investors from 60% to 85% per annum.

Contact information:

Phone: +7 (495) 789-71-22
Email: [email protected]

Address: Moscow. 8th March, 1, building 12

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