For the implementation of the Transnational Project looking for co-investors.
Know-How is protected by the jurisdiction of the UK.
The company is officially registered in London in the area of British law!
The project implementation period 2017.
You have the opportunity to become a co-owner of this technology and future projects from the Company, to purchase shares which will strongly rise in price in the future! Investment in future technologies that are in demand around the world, which will Benet our entire world, ecology and the environment. This is the campaign for co-ownership of the technologies of the future , namely a string of transport Anatoly E. Unitsky. Moreover in the coming years the Company plans an IPO and foreign exchange, as this technology is in demand around the world, the portfolio of orders for more than $ 100 billion.
The issue price of at least$ 100 depending on the selected stake. Discount currently 130-800.
A website with detailed information:

Patented technology Sky Way was developed over 30 years, which funds have been allocated from the Federation of Cosmonautics of the USSR to the United Nations. Paid authorized capital of the company is 400 billion dollars paid 400.000.000.000 shares at par value of$ 1 each share. Full payment of the share capital of the company made by making property rights the intellectual property rights and know-how for innovative transport technology from SkyWay. Currently the company attracts targeted investments for the construction of a demonstration vehicle of polygons. The technology was presented to Medvedev, Lukashenka. The candidate on a post of the mayor of Moscow has included in the election program. Leading economists of the country, Mikhail Khazin and Mikhail Delyagin support.

An investment of $ 100 and the income of 13 000 $
An investment of $ 500 revenue 110 000 $
Investment 1 000 $ the income 280 000 $
Investment 2 500 $ revenue 825 000 $ and so on.

5 level Affiliate program :
1st level - 15% in money and 15% in the shares.
2-nd level - 7% cash and 7% in shares.
3rd level - 5% in money terms and 5% in equities.
4th level - 3% in cash and 3% shares.
5th level - 1% money and 1% in shares.
You can earn and get promotion even without own investments.

To register and become an investor via the link: