1- LottoSpring guarantees € 100 Million in Jackpot prizes in its four week subscription cycle
2- Your monthly subscription fee of € 33, or € 66, will be refunded to you when 3 personally referred friends renew their monthly subscriptions!
3- You don't need to be lucky to win life-changing prizes. With LottoSpring's unique MultiWin, you can win up to €1 Million when a player you personally referred wins the Top Jackpot!
4- Every time a player within your Social Circle renews their subscription, you are rewarded with Blitz Points that automatically convert to Blitz tickets that cannot lose!
5- Enjoy VIP Support, more Blitz tickets, Giveaway tickets and professional sharing tools with our premium ProSpring subscription

€ 100 Million in Monthly Jackpots
Hybrid Syndicate
Social Sharing Tools
Multiwin Prizes
Blitz Tickets
Bonus Blitz Tickets
Giveaway Tickets
Star Ranks
Pro Tools
VIP Support

Play for free

Social Lottos are much better than normal lottos because they give you massive advantages for having a social circle of friends playing with you. In normal lottos, you can only win when you win yourself, in Social Lottos you win when others win too. On top of this, you can get FREE Tickets, and, for inviting 3 people, it can be totally FREE. Your Odds are Better, your Prizes are Better, and with a little bit of social sharing it soon becomes Impossible to Lose!

LottoSpring has Social Sharing Buttons which use Facebook and other Social Media channels to share the game with others. If there are 3 people playing as a result of your recommendation or social sharing, then you play for FREE – simple as that!

Unique hybrid syndicate system

Normal syndicates operate by creating a team and, should that team win, then you all share the prize. This is good for the team but very bad news for the person with the winning number. So we created a way to have the best of both worlds. When you personally get the correct number, you get a fixed "Lions Share" of the prize and your team share the rest. It means you literally can "have your cake and eat it too!" If you win, you get more and if someone in your team wins, you still get a massive prize share of the team’s efforts. Personal Prizes can be up to €10 Million and Team Prizes of €40 Million gives you the best of both worlds.

Win when your friends win

Multiwins are our special bonus prizes we give to people who introduce winners. Invite people to play and when they win, you win up to a 10% bonus prize. If they win €10.000, you win €1.000 just for inviting them to play. What’s more, when they invite others, who go on to invite others, you can earn prizes of 5% whenever they win prizes. It could be thousands of people and thousands in winnings.

Win every week with Bonus Blitz

For every person in your social circles, we give you Blitz Points and bonus Blitz Tickets that are a guaranteed win. Prizes range from €1 through to a whopping €50,000. You get Bonus Blitz Points and Tickets as people keep on playing each month – so as your social circles grow, your weekly winnings grow too. You could soon be winning tens, hundreds, or even thousands of times per week. Make Fridays feel pretty amazing when you know you are going to win the Lotto with Bonus Blitz!