We are proud to announce the launch of a new and valuable service on the paid-to-click industry: http://www.talbux.com/...
Today we started a big project that was been developing for months, we had everything to start a few months ago, but we wanted to explore a little bit more this PTC’s world, to offer you a place where you were able to increase your online earnings without any difficulty and also where advertisers were able to promote their sites in a friendly way.

In our testing period we have seen fall a lot of sites, and many people have lost enough money, it is for this reason that we want to let you know that this site is safe for you, but we know that only time can prove how reliable is our site.

Let's talk a little more about us: Talbux is an oriented team, focus in providing the best earnings as far as users are concerned, and our priority is to be recognized worldwide as one of the best advertising sites.

Our team is highly trained and has knowledge to handle any situation.

We have some benefits which includes:

For users:

*Free To Join.
*Guaranteed Ads Daily.
*International Members accepted.
*Get Paid up to $0.01
*Payment processor: Paypal.
*Minimum payout: $2 for upgrades members and $5 for standards members.
*(Other payments processors coming soon)

For advertisers:

*Affordable Pricing.
*Target The Traffic To Your Site.
*Thousands Of Potential Clients.
*Live Detailed Statistics.

Be confident that we are here to stay forever and that we will not fail you, like many others have done and also stay tuned for more information about our official launch date, competitions and more!

Thank you for trusting us.