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    I am not the administrator and owner of the project
    The new project Automm - matrix close automatically
    The project started on 1 September 22:00 GMT.

    The minimum contribution - $10
    Payment systems - Perfect Money, NIXmoney, Mera, OkPay, Payeer.
    We were chosen by many

    Draft Automatic Money Machine has incorporated the best of what today exists in the market of virtual business ( MLM , matrix , pyramid schemes and HYIPs ) .

    For the first time united immortal matrix and multi-level referral program .

    The project - a standard binary matrix , combined with multi-level referral program infinite depth . This allows you to receive gifts from the matrix , to build the structure and receive Referral of this structure , for life. This amount exceeds the amount of referral bonuses gifts for active participants. Because of this, passive do not need to worry about attracting new members.

    Given the mathematical law of Pareto as a constant determining the ratio of active to passive participants in the marketing provided by the same closing speed and stable matrices to all participants.

    Using a variety of popular payment systems and automatic acknowledgment of gifts , prevent congestion.

    All participants filled a single stream system . This provides close to each matrix in the order of its lineup . The order of participants is determined by the payment of the table to within fractions of a second .

    Automatically Reinvest in last place of its matrix , implemented on the basis of the infinite torus provides a closed system.

    One time in sending a gift selection matrix provides a stable preparation Marketing 50 % thereto, each cycle indefinitely.

    Linear referral program with the first and to the infinite level motivates ambitious participants to build their huge structure. A balanced system of qualifications ensures fair distribution of referral bonuses .

    Constant referral bonuses after receiving automatic reinvestments , each member of the entire structure .

    The Project provides for participation , with the ability to receive gifts for the referral program .

    For the first time , provided a passive income for life to all participants , with no additional load on the system as a whole.

    Fixed a countdown indicates the position of the participant until he has received a gift that allows real -time tracking of closing their matrices.

    P.S. Your investment - an investment in a pure form. This is not a game where someone will lose. Automatic Money Machine - a balanced system by investing once, you will receive a lifetime 50 % of income on your investment.

    The periods of receiving gifts will vary - first of these periods will be very short. Then Automatic Money Machine will reach its design capacity. This means that the period for gifts change. It will not fluctuate significantly - it will be a little less, a little more, but it will be of no value , as the cycles will be repeated continuously , and you are constantly receiving gifts .

    Referral program - a locomotive for closing matrices. This program : Money for Everyone! More than in any type of MLM companies , which, however, thrive for years.

    Automatic Money Machine - profitable platform for all the people .

    There are no mandatory invitation
    The basis of the project
    Short indivisible binary matrix of 7 seats + Referral Program.
    Principle of operation
    Single matrix for each "table".
    For each 'table' members are all in their common matrix filling.
    The matrix is ​​filled evenly and automatically left to right and top to bottom.

    Matrix "table"
    There are five "tables" in denominations of $ 10, $ 100, $ 250, $ 500, $ 1,000.
    The inputs can be simultaneously or alternately to all or some of the "tables".
    Payment is held every table, then you just get a permanent passive income.

    Automatic reinvestment of realized from the first to the last (seventh) place their own matrix.
    The number of opened and closed during ongoing matrices automatic reinvestment is unlimited.

    Confirmation gifts
    Sending and receiving of gifts is fully automatic.

    Net income from each closed matrix = 50%.
    This is a completely passive income.
    Since the first open matrix of any denomination participant receives a gift 1.5, 1.5 and gift goes to the referral program. The last (fourth gift) automatically reinvested by the participant.
    On all subsequent matrices participant receives a gift of 0.5, 2.5 and gifts go to the referral program, as well as the last gift is reinvested by the participant.
    Referral Program
    The same for all referral program to an infinite level of depth and breadth.
    Calculation of earnings from referral bonuses possible without attachments.
    To minimize the load on the payment systems, as well as to reduce the likelihood of failures in automatic payments implemented single undertaking. Referral bonuses are displayed for manually each time you request the accumulation account to the account of any member of the sum of $ 25.
    Referral bonuses are paid after each automatic reinvestment of any member of your entire structure.
    Referral Program

    Level ______________ Protsent_______________Kvalifikatsiya _______________________ Additional condition
    1 Uroven____________15% _________________Dostupno vsem______________________Net additional conditions
    2 Uroven____________20% _________________3 priglashennyh______________________2 personally paid "table"
    3 Uroven____________5% __________________7 priglashennyh______________________2 personally paid "table"
    4 Uroven____________3% __________________15 priglashennyh_____________________3 personally paid "table"
    5 Uroven____________2% __________________15 priglashennyh_____________________3 personally paid "table"
    6-10 Uroven_________1% __________________30 priglashennyh_____________________4 personally paid "table"
    11-20 Uroven________0,5% _________________50 priglashennyh_____________________5 personally paid "tables"
    21-50 Uroven________0, 1% ________________100 priglashennyh____________________5 personally paid "tables"
    51-100 Uroven_______0,1% ________________250 priglashennyh____________________5 personally paid "tables"
    101 - ... Uroven_______0, 1% _______________500 priglashennyh____________________5 personally paid "tables"
    1 level - this is your personal invitation to the participants
    Level 2 - it's participants invited to your personal invitation
    Level 3 - it's participants invited guest of your personally invited
    And so on ....
    View website and register

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    20:40 02.09.13 Receive 33361409 U4169185
    Automatic Money Machine
    +15.00 114.23 Received Payment 15.00 USD from account U4169185. Memo: API Payment. Payment ID: 452

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