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    Default Invest To Farm

    It is time to own a virtual farm project and make real cash every month.
    Let your money have a chance to work for you.
    You'll have more money every month.

    You become the investor of a real business and get your share of the profits through our project. It is a significant opportunity for investment and for earning an extra income.

    How it works
    1. You buy a virtual farm. For example, for $20:
    2. Every week, the farm brings you 5 eggs:
    3. You sell eggs for $0.2 per unit: = $1
    4. Every six months you are selling 130 eggs for $26:
    5. If you buy another farm you will earn in six months additional +$26

    Thus, for every $100 invested, you will receive approximately $21 per month.

    The most popular
    farm is the poultry farm for $2000.
    It brings $545 per month
    If you're wondering, we have a special offer:
    Mini-farm for $2. It allows you to have an experience of how everything works.

    It's worth a try. Just try it and make sure everything works.

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