Why an Equity Managed Account?
Self-trading in the equity markets is at best a difficult proposition. To be successful, a trader must follow market movements 24 hours a day, five days a week. Many Stock investors and traders do not have the time, experience or desire to trade with this intensity themselves. COMPASS Account Management is a group of several expirienced traders, created for investors with risk capital who do not necessarily want to trade on their own or know nothing about Stock Market. In a COMPASS Managed Account the positions belong to your portfolio alone. Unlike mutual funds or hedge funds which merge your funds with other investor’s, a COMPASS Managed Account is in your name and all or part of your funds can be redeemed within one day. There is no lock up period.

How it works?
You open a private, personal, password protected Managed Account under your name with a proprietary trading company, where you will have access to it anywhere in the world via the internet. We get limited powers documents to trade your account, but not to withdraw any funds. You give us username and password allowing the trader to place trades on behalf.


Plan A – Expected Monthly Return On Investment: 10%

The COMPASS Managed Account Performance Fee is charged on each month's net profits only and it's deducted from the account monthly. The Performance Fee is deducted from the net profits and there is no performance fee if there is no profit.

Monthly Performance Fee:
40% accounts $5,000 - up to $20,000
30% accounts $20,000 - up to $50,000
20% accounts $50,000 - $100,000
10% accounts $100,000 and more.

For deposits lower than $ 20,000 there is a maintance fee of $129.99 paid at the begining of each month. Payment methods offered: Moneygram and WesternUnion.

Plan B – Expected Monthly Return On Investment: 5-10%

In this type of a Managed Account, investor keeps 100% of the net profits! Investor only pays a Monthly Maintance Fee:

Monthly Maintance Fee:
$ 399.99 per account with $5,000 - up to $ 20,000
$ 999.99 per account with $ 100,000 and more

Monthly Maintance Fees are paid at the begining of each month. Payment methods offered: Moneygram, WesternUnion and Bank Wire.

Forex Managed Accounts are not a hedge fund or pooled funds. Clients do not deposit funds with us or through us, this is done through our fully registred Proprietary Trading Firm.

Our Trading Strategy:
Using a discretionary approach, trades are entered manually when a combination of historically proven technical indicators signal a potential low risk entry and using risk management. Generally every trade is closed at the end of a trading day, and there is no overnight risk.

Strict money management methods, know as a Variable Fractional Percent, are incorporated in order to preserve capital and produce the maximum return for the investors.

• Profits possible regardless of direction of the general market. Our strategies actually make most profits during markets fall. Volatile market conditions increase our trading oportunities.
• Only the client can withdraw funds. The Manager has Limited Power of Attorney.
• Client funds are in client's name.
• Client receives monthly performance statement and weekly profit/loss statement.
• Only $5,000 account initial account required to be part of the program.

Historical maximum loss is 30% from the capital value. Maximum loss (One-Time-Loss) can be up to 50%, a point when all possitions will be closed to protect initial deposit.
All Trading involves risk. Leveraged trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. Be awareand accept this risk before trading. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. All forecasting is based on statistics derived from past performance of any trading methodology is no guarantee of future results.

Net Profit Rates are variabled on market movement. Expected average net profit is 10% per month and may increase to 15% if the markets are very volatile.

How does the Manage Account Work?
You open an account under your name with a proprietary firm and give us a power of attorney to only-trade your account.

Final Risk Control and Guarantee:
Note that you owned your account and if at any time you feel concerned that your account is not well managed you email us at any given time within 24hrs. Also Trader will stop trading the account immediately if loss falls to 1/2 of your initial opening account balance. For example, for an account with $5,000 opening balance, your risk is only $2,500.00.

COMPASS Account Management
Dusan Kovacevic
Senior Trader & Risk Manager
[email protected]