Why Do 100's of new trustees each month choose ITCM Group Services as their primary income opportunity? Because it's Easy, Safe and Efficent. Our group of companies is known as successfull foreign exchange market player since 1997 and we are proud to be founders of one of the first on-line real-time trading platforms in 2001.

In order to expand our business we have started offering reliable investment opportunities for people worldwide. Now virtually everybody can have a "MINI" account with us for Free starting from $1.00, and serious members may instantly get "STANDARD" and "VIP" accounts with just $100 or $1000. All our account plans are designed the way that investor can start enjoying profits within 24 hours after the first investment! All Our account plans include stable interest rates starting from 0.5% to 2.5% daily!

We maintain highest levels of privacy and security and we don't require any personal information of our clients. You are excempt from taxation when you are working with us because we pay all taxes required on our end and this is absolutely legal, unlike many other companies who don't cover this issue.

Our marketing and technology specialists have created a complex where client feels the benefits of working with ITCM almost instantly - All clients may withdraw their interest to their E-Gold accounts or via ATM cards instantly and as often as every hour! FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

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