Just thought I would share this with the group.

I have known the top earner in FFSI for quite some time. His name is Derek Bohlken and he had a very large international business. Yesterday, it was announced that FFSI would be terminating all non-US people which means that Derek lost a big part of his downline and has a huge number of people needing a business.

Here is the deal: he has joined GDI which is a very good company, low cost ($10 per month), and you get a good product for that $10 - web domains, hosting, website, etc.

Derek has invited me to be part of the initial core of people to join the business. He has joined it and I am among the first. With the low price and nature of the business, we can make very good bonus and residual income. It won't be any problem to get into profit.

If you join with me, you will join before the bulk of his organization. Because we can only "place" people one level down, he is going to create a rotating url to help me and the other core people enroll all of the people coming in.
Here's where it gets even better for you, though:
he said that he will include anyone that I personally enroll on the rotator.

Personally, I think you and I can promote and build this business on our own, but his goal is 5000 people this month, and enrolling only 2 personals can get you bonus money.

I think it is a no brainer.

Just click at the www button below and go to the site. Or click on "profile" and go to my web site.

As soon as you get enrolled, I will make sure that Derek knows to add you to the rotator.

There is no reason not to want to do this. I am very excited about it.