I AM ADMIN of this site!
This isn't your average cycler, THIS cycler gives back to the investors what they gave the site. With injections to push lines, preventing people from getting stuck, the site also takes this from it's own profits(half of site's total).
Now, we only accept Alertpay. The fees here are relatively small compared to other sites with injections, free ebooks, free advertising, etc.
This site operates on a 2 in 1 out system. When you buy a $5 share, then someone else buys after you did, you get paid $7.50. Yes, this site is a 150% ROI only, but this will at least keep the site sustainable.
So, site summary:
-150% return
-$0.25 fee per dollar invested
-half the siteís profit goes to injection pool, to pay members without shares being bought
-everything is manual, you must wait 24 hours maximum to see your name on the next to be paid list.
-all ideas here were made by MMG members, there was a thread by me asking for opinions/suggestions (you probably didnít see it because it was moved to General Chat after 2 days)
-Alertpay only
-Still open to suggestions
-Soon, more lines will be open, $6 and above
FACT: Majority of ALL money cyclers FAIL because of an unsustainable system, or GREED.
FACT: Iím giving back half of the siteís profits back to the investors.