rathlinresources Cut out the Hedge-funds, Insurance co’s & city groups & their private clients, who are first in to pick off the first round share-stock at rock bottom prices before the ‘AIM’ stock-market floatation, generally the public receive a small issue at probably a higher price or none at all. The club is designed to fulfil the club members best opportunity to make a fantastic profit return.
Our mission is to raise funds backed by 1500 acre gold mining property which is 100% owned by the company via a stock-market listing process to enable our club members to see their club-points conversion and be in full control of their own finances once the stock listing has been achieved, 1800% achievable on each spend. Upon full spends/club stock having been fully taken up, thereafter, the process via a ‘London-Stock-Exchange’ licensed ‘NOMAD’ + Legals to 90-days to 180-days from start to finish AIM-listing. A ‘NOMADS’ organizes the offering to the stock-market, we as the agents representing the main mining company will transfer all funds to the mining company direct, thereafter the mining company will advance to Legals/Nomad to complete the process, members will receive confirmation of progress of the start date for the listing, when the share-stock will be available to our members.