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PTCaddicts is new, innovative Paid To Click website. It is custom coded and developed website which can help you earn extra income online. It is called addicts because you will so addicted to it. By referring new people you can earn even more!. At PTCaddicts you will be paid to click.

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* $ 0.005 per click
* $ 0.0025 per referral click
* $ 0.01 per premium click
* $ 0.005 per premium referral click
* Low $ 2 minimum payout
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Setting up and displaying your link for PTCaddicts members to visit is fast and simple.
Each visit will last at least 30 seconds.
Outside visits are unlimited and included within the price.
We will review your website and will have it active within 24 hours.
You don't need an account to order advertising at PTCaddicts, you simply need to complete the form then pay the fee.
You csn also target your ad geographically.
Latest news

December 22, 2008
There's been a new website with address ptc-addicts.com. WE ARE NOT RELATED WITH THEM. THEY RIPPED OUR SCRIPT.

December 21, 2008
Dear Visitors, Welcome to your newest money making source. PTCaddicts is finally started. Enjoy your stay here.

For more information, visit
PTCaddicts - get addicted to money

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