LotoFun is a free online game with the possibility of winning real cash prizes. To take part in the lottery, simply register on the site. Every day you will be given 3 free tickets, in which you need to guess 6 numbers. The more numbers guessed, the larger the gain.
Winnings are credited to your internal account and can be removed from the game through the WebMoney and Payeer system.
20% referrals earnings will be credited to your internal account.
All lotteries on the LotoFun website are held exclusively on a free basis and are not based on the risk of a win agreement, respectively, and are not gambling.

How to register in the game
It is very easy to register. Just go to the registration page "Регистрация"
and enter your email address and password, and also enter the security code in the appropriate field.

Is LotoFun.Ru really free?
Yes, the game is absolutely free The number of tickets is updated every day, but they do not accumulate.

Minimum withdraw is 16 rubles. Next, go to the "Withdrawal" section and order a payment.

Why should I activate my email
Email activation will allow you to receive one additional free ticket for the game every day.

How many tickets can I get per day
Theoretically, the number of tickets is unlimited. It all depends on how much advertising you can see to get the next ticket.

What payment systems can I get paid on?
Currently payments are made on Webmoney and Payeer

1 number you win - 0,05 rubles
2 numbers - 0,5 rubles
3 numbers - 5 rubles
4 numbers - 50 rubles
5 numbers - 500 rubles
6 numbers - 5000 rubles

My payment within 48 hours