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    Smile Rolclub Online 1 Year.

    Hello all Rolclub members.

    Rolclub has now been Online for one full year . We started as a forum last year
    at this time, it was due to pipsinc shutting their forum down for members.

    Over the course of this past year, we have come a long way with our forum.
    Threads: 8,060, Posts: 87,271, Members: 18,613

    Daily 6000 members traffic has grown to more. Our site server has been upgraded
    many times from normal shared hosting to dedicated server. And now we need to
    upgrade our server again to something more powerful.

    We will this week be upgrading our site software for Vbulletin aswell as doing
    seo on site. We will also shift server as the current one has been overloaded
    for past few days, and can not take the traffic we have. For these reasons
    starting today the site might be down a few times during this week.

    NOTE: due to the upgrading, all our link for the forum will now change into
    static links. So if you have linked any posts on ROLCLUB to other threads/posts,
    then you will have to change these link to our new static links.

    Rolclub has also assisted over 308 members with $10, from our ads income, as
    these people had huge losses in SI and other hyips. We will try to continue this
    help to our members after we have done some changed to our site, and for this we
    would need to spend our ads income for our site for a while.

    Our moderator Yogibrood and Neno with a few good hearted members of Rolclub has
    started a CARE program for our members, where members will try to help other
    members in economical trouble with $$$. For more information on this please
    contact yogibrood and neno by PM on the forum.

    Rolclub had for a while back sent an email to all members telling all that, they
    would have to login once a month to have their accounts active with us. We did
    disable any accounts due to
    reasons as members not remembering their usernames or passwords. But we will
    again start with this after our server's has been shifted.

    Please take a few moments of your time and tell other members why you think
    their membership with us can benefit them.

    2)PIPSINC. Last year between 15-18 august (if i not mistaking on the dates)
    Pipsinc was shut down by BNM of investigations. It's almost been a full year
    since that time, and we still wait news on the matter.
    (Still many say that since BNM has not been able to find anything and keep
    stalling the matter, pips might just come back.)
    IF anything happens regarding pipsinc, then we will let you all know for sure.

    During this coming year i wish to develop rolclub to
    a place, where we can have real investment programs listed and not only hyip's.
    Please do take the time to tell members about any good REAL investment plans
    that you have come over, so other can also benefit from this.

    For the coming year we will be promoting ROlclub all over the net.

    We will try to get as many real investment programs ( no-hyip) to signup with us
    as advertisers so you can have more choice on where to invest your money. I wish
    to develop rolclub this way that we can offer more then just hyip, and people
    start feeling more secure about there investment with the tips and tricks posted
    by our members.


    We had planned to invest money in a pool with Solidinvestment for a few months
    ago, before SI scammed its members and disappeared into the woods with their
    members money.

    I am glad we waited that little extra and did not start the pool before they had
    paid their investors.
    This little thing saved over 500 members in our pool with over 600 000 USD.
    Thanks GOD. I also returned the 42000 USD to the 32 members that send it the
    money for the pool.

    Any future pool plan will be based on a strategy where we will diverse our
    investments into many programs aswell as real investments.
    If you have any input on this, please do let us know about it on link:

    5)TRC ( ROlclub's own investment program)
    I must admit that the plan need more work, and has been on a hold for sometime.
    We do wish to launch something in the future, but it will be delayed, until we
    have all things sorted out for it.

    6)ROLCLUB's 10by5 cycler team:
    Well, this is something very nice. Nothing makes me more happy then to see
    members helping each other the way they do in this team.
    A big thanks goes out to all those that signed up with our team, and try to make
    its a success.

    This program can be started with 10 usd, and returned over 5000 usd. And when
    you get paid, you are put back into the program for free.. 10by5 also send $$$
    for aid.For this, see link:

    I thank all for beeing with us for one full year. Hope the next year together
    brings us lots of nice suprises together.

    Best Regards

    Ray Marek

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    Thanks Admin, for ur good support for this forum. This is one of the best forum to discuss with.

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    Thanks Admin and staff for god Work :-)

    PS: Nice bannerwork :-p

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    Thank you for the compliment! It does stand out and GOLD is again highlighted and is increasing in value once again...!

    Admin is indeed putting in ALOT on his resources...

    YB. - Cheers to all and for your continuous support expressed & shown.

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    Congratulation Marek!

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    Good Luck !!!

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